Saturday, 28 March 2015

Public Ettiquette

On the streets, people always recognise these as issues but sometimes unwritten rules just need to be voiced and recognised for there to be a little change, I'm sure you wouldn't like the other side of the bench, sit tight, or make yourself a cuppa this may be a long one.

I'll begin with the presumably most basic and most common thing that you would do in a public space, travelling A to B by foot. Pathways are two way streets, keep right to avoid collision not the centre, the centre is like lane hogging (drivers will understand), as the probability for going into a head on head crash course with the opposing traffic it's known as the 'overtaking' lane, simples. Which brings me into the next point, bearing in mind that you don't have eyes on the back of your head it's understandable that you are unaware of someone behind you trying to get past, now that this is in your head please keep zig zag walking and swaying from side to side at a tolerable level, otherwise it's unnecessary and you're causing a nuisance to the individual(s) behind trying to pass you. Speaking of which, leads me into stopping, abrupt stopping especially, when you stop the flow on a public walkway you are causing human traffic jams, there is no reason nor excuse for doing so, if you're expecting to stop for whatever reason, please do so out of the way of other people - the side of the walkway for example, places to avoid stopping would be, turnings, junctions, immediately before and/or after an escalator. Now I've already touched upon having eyes on the back of your head, could you kindly keep the two eyes that you have on the front of your head to look at where you're going? I'm sure you wouldn't like that shiny scratch less smartphone on the floor, too many people have turned into zombies on the street, no I'm sorry Facebook will not tell you that you're about to walk into a lamp post. Finally, the elderly and disabled, I don't know what goes through people's minds when they think that it is ok to be rude to 'obstacles' such as the elderly and the disabled, I understand that it is an inconvenience; but haven't you thought that it is annoying to them too? How they would long to be as amble as yourself? If you are an elderly or less able individual, it would also be highly appreciated if you would be more aware of your (in)abilities too.

You've probably already caught on by the title where this is leading to, however it still needs to be covered. If you found the above an issue, imagine if this was doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled, sextupled, septupled, octupled, need I go on? A traveller's worse nightmare springs to mind. So when you set out for your voyage as a group, please do not take up the whole sidewalk, because you're no longer one body it does not mean you've suddenly become siamese siblings with your party, other people are walking down the same street as you please be considerate of this - this goes for waiting around for other party members and finding a suitable 'collection point'. Speaking of large parties, nobody likes a party-pooper either, if you see a group having a pilgrimage together please don't break them apart, you may find the part infront stopping and waiting for those lost behind causing yourself a greater issue. Multiplication does not necessarily need to refer to travelling parties, this stands for those of you travelling with large objects, suitcases, large bags and trollies for example. In a situation where you find yourself carrying these with you please be aware your travelling mass has increased in which you are no longer as agile to squeeze through tight spaces within highly populated streets, please do not forsake such articles in the centre of a walkway as it abruptly becomes an obstacle to traffic upon that pathway.

When the heavens fall.
Speaking of travelling with objects, one of the greatest pet peeve would be the parasol. I'm pretty sure by now you'd be aware of the uses of such inventions however whilst in a public space, some lack thought or consideration for others to selfishly avoid discomfort. Whilst holding an umbrella in highly populated streets please be aware of the height in which you are holding the umbrella, you see the little metal spikes that stick out of the edge of the entire circumference, that can potentially blind someone - what if it was you being blinded? Just saying. Speaking of height, keeping a nice distance would be nice too, you're using an umbrella to keep yourself dry, so is everybody else around you so please allow room between one another for water to run off the contraption down to the floor and not down someone else's side or back (yes gravity makes things travel downwards, the water doesn't disappear once they come into contact with the umbrella). Which reminds me to briefly allows me to touch on the topic of umbrella sharing, if you are the holder of the umbrella please ensure that all members under the umbrella are sheltered properly not yourself and half of another. Products are designed with form and purpose, where there is an abundant range of parasols for different occasions - shapes and sizes included. Now small person wouldn't usually wear XXXL jeans, so why, why would one person need an umbrella that could shelter an entire family? The umbrella size accounts to your complete body mass whilst travelling not just your upper half. Additionally, you wouldn't seat 4 people in a 2 seater car, so why are you all huddled under the poor thing, clutching on for your dear lives. Cutting to the point, please choose the correct tool for the job. On the topics of tools and purpose, it is logical that when a tool no longer has a purpose it is no longer required, therefore, you shouldn't require an umbrella to be erect under sheltered areas.

- pushing into queues  making new ques
- personal space - standing too close / next to you,

Public Transportation
- waiting for people to get off - if you dont let them off, how do you think you'll get on, prepare to exit on approach
- music too loud, not everyone shares your taste in music
- talking too loudly - personal conversations
- smelly food
- illnesses, cover your mouth and face away from everyone else when coughing and sneezing before the carriage becomes and infectious swarm of disease (excuse the exaggeration) especially in a confined area without proper air ventilation, think of it like blowing second hand smoke directly in someones face, it's not nice (even smokers hate it)

By this I don't particularly mean hold your breath in public, however there are times in which there are are gases that are exhaled from your orifices that wouldn't be pleasant within populated areas. To begin I shall highlight a circumstance in which the individual would do out of conscious decision, smoking. Because you've chosen to taken in the toxic substance please note that people surrounding you haven't made that choice and are forced to breathe in your second hand smoke downwind; be nice and exhale somewhere people aren't located. Other forms of unpleasant exhaling would be coughing and sneezing, I know you can't help it, if completely necessary to do it within a populated location - please cover your mouth. I don't believe I need to explain more about farting, we don't need to smell the result of what your body has transformed your consumption into.


Finally, a little consideration and a simple sorry or an excuse me will pardon any misconceptions. Additionally, if you're receiving and apology or are asking to be excused, acknowledge it gracefully. Bearing this in mind there is no need to publicly humiliate one another or cause a scene over any lack of understanding, this means that one shouldn't expect etiquette from another because at the end of the day there's not reason why one person should have authority over another, this isn't about status, class or education, this is just mutual respect for one another.

Sorry, please excuse me, thank you.

What would make your street experience more of a pleasant one?

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Half of it.

It's easy for us to sit and judge people from what we see but how often do we take the time to really get to know someone for their other faces.

just a thought for today. short and sweet.

Monday, 31 December 2012


For creating my life, with or without reason, this life - my life. Is because of them.

Because of them I have healthy eyes to see (without great prescription boundaries that tie me to spectacles) in which I have been blessed to enjoy the sights of the world from vast landscapes, sea views, minute details, things that even the best SLR can't pick up as beautifully as ones own retina.

Because of them I have ear that may or may not have selective hearing at times, but it allows me to enjoy a passion of mine that is, music. To hear every note, is to feel every beat. A babies laughter, the leaves rustling in a gentle breeze, the soft crashes of the waves at the beach.

Because of them I can enjoy the sense of touch, the most physical form of pleasure and pain. From stumping my toe on the corner of a cupboard to the warm sunrays shining down on your face on a cold winters morning. Thankfully I've run my life so far with all limbs intact enough to feel the crunch of snow beneath my feet, or the new soft warm towel after jumping out of the shower.

Because of them I have a tongue that not only allows me to communicate however it's packed with tastebuds in which, being a conplete foodie, allows me to taste from all corners of my mouth, aside from spicy food, there is little to no tolerence for spicy food.

Finally, because of them I have healthy nose receptors, although in the summer it may not be too happy when it comes into contact with pollen, neither does it always listen to me when I'm sick, in which being hand in hand with my sense of taste may hinder my eating experience, but at least for thr other 70% of the time, is another one of my best friends.

Why you ask? Because individually these senses make every living experience that much more interesting, more enjoyable, interactable, memorable. A sympthany of them all together or a combination of a couple at a time just makes everyday life beautiful in the details. 

Finally I'd like to thank the three of them for giving me opportunities and the upbringing to enjoy these senses and not to let them waste away. In which I'd like to give you all a quick reminder that not every person is fortunate to have all senses, yours are your best friends too so make the most of them take them out to enjoy life because there isnt one day or minute that you dont deserve to not enjoy and appreciate the life that you're given.

Thank you my dear parents x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Book Covers

It's funny how people say don't judge a book by it's cover, yet when you meet someone for the first time what you portray yourself to be largely effects the conversations that follow. There are a few characteristics, however that people see as negative aspects that I for one do not comprehend.

Quite a large population of people frown upon smokers, of course I understand you don't like the smell but that doesn't necessarily mean that a smoker is a bad person. Yes, they maybe damaging their own health and by smoking around you it can cause damage to yours too however the act of smoking does not in any way mean that they are a bad person, even in my short life I have seen different people from different backgrounds in professions across the board smoking, there is no link to what 'type' of person has this habit.

Because someone has some ink beneath their skin, automatically the character is a reckless rebel without a cause. Once again frowned upon by society, yet there's only one thing I can say to this subject as one person having a tattoo does not in any way effect any other person and the difference between an inked person and someone who isn't inked is that someone with tattoo's doesn't care whether you have one or not.

Now there are many different kinds of alcohol in this world, beers, spirits and wines, and they are used for a range of purposes. How could you downright pinpoint and judge someone for enjoying a beverage? Will anyone judge you for drinking water?

Party go-ers
Somehow these people are often associated with being drunks, players, young and unstable. People go out for many reasons and they aren't all to have a night they wont remember. A club just offers an environment for people to meet one another and enjoy themselves, what you take from that is down to character themselves.

All I have to say about these main issues is that your general perception on these groups of people, or your experience with one individual from these characters does not have a direct correlation to another. They are all people, they are individuals.

dont judge a book by its cover.

k x

I'm not promoting these things, I'm just simply saying that they don't mean that an individual is necessarily a 'bad person'. Please know your limits and take care.

Monday, 10 September 2012

eenie meenie

I had another blog brewing but I felt the need to get this out first. A little bit of an epitome that I'd stumbled over within the past few days that I'd dipped my feet into the topic of (if you're an avid reader) but I hadn't quite gone too far in depth with.

I've always said that life can be like the lottery, sometimes you get lower prizes and sometimes you hit the jackpot, a prize is still a prize nonetheless and 'losing' never stops you from buying another ticket. I usually use this as a 'pick-me-up' to my friends when they feel low about a short fall in their lives. But moving on from this I've come to realise about how severe gluttony has become within today's lifestyle.

The problem that most people have is that they are convinced they aren't happy, or satisfied because hopes and dreams are always set so high that they will never reach them. Yes, this is good for self development to feel like you're constantly 'progressing' with life, but is that a need? The issue with it all is that everything is so exposed and 'available' in modern day life that since a young age you're completely spoilt for choice, like a kid in a candy store, you don't know what to go for first, neither do you know which is best for you, so all us 'kids' tend to go for what everyone else seems to go for as it seems like the best thing.

But is what everyone else wants, what you truly want and need? For example, many people go into education and choose subjects their friends all choose and end up flunking, even after uni people aren't sure where they want to go with life, even in the working world people jump from job to job finding a 'purpose'. All we know what we want in life is money, money will make us happy, money will get us where we want. I remember watching "Who wants to be a millionaire" as a child and thought to myself if I got to a couple thousand I'd be happy to walk away, but everyone has their sights on the millons. 

On the other side of the boat people find love of interest, now as I get older my old thoughts and and connotations of love have completely bent and moulded and soon I've realised everything I'd learnt as a child has crippled my vision of 'love' to the point where I've grown to realise the older I am the less I really knew. You grow up to think that there are a lot of wants and needs in your partner, but in true fact you're learning to be selfish and finding how well you want someone to suit you as opposed to how to truly see someone for what they really are. You go into the world chasing mythical white knights on horses as you've seen glimpses of him within the movies / characteristics of others in which you bend and mould your brain to create this hyperreal character that is too high to reach. Ask yourself if you deserve the knight in shining armour, now this isn't to kick you down rather, it's an open invitation for you to reflect upon yourself. The amount of times I've seen people get married and I hear off others, "to think they really got married! I never thought they would be together", and when you hear their vows and reasoning for choosing each other - a lot of the time it's because "he/she makes me a better me" not because he's ravishingly good looking, not because they have common interests, not because they have a large bank account, not because of his car, it's down to who they really are as people.

I suppose the main message I'm trying to get across through all this is, stop trying to compete with each other on a materialistic level look past all the exposure of choice, take your time and think about everything, what is the best choice for you. Some people might be cola bottles, some could be lollypops, a friend told me once:

Don't let anyone stop you from being you. You wanna be a unicorn? then fuck it be a unicorn.

p.s. anyone does include the media brainwashing.

If you're still not tired form reading and you're not afraid of biting on a lemon, this guy has  pretty much hit the nail on the head with a more money related viewpoint. Click here to be directed!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


So today marks my one year of being in Hong Kong to mark this day I thought I'll pop onto blogger to answer and share a few questions people have asked me over the year about life and experiences here - as per usual non too personal.

Going to another country for a 'longer-than-a-holiday" time period.
My first advice would be, prepare everything and give yourself enough time to. I left myself about a fortnight to get my act together and prepare myself to go somewhere in which I won't easily return for a period of time that I wasn't sure of (to answer questions - I'm still unsure of how long that will be). Now in terms of preparing yourself this breaks down into a lot of categories;

Emotional preparation is key as you need to accept that you won't be back for a long time, I spent a good chunk of my time in the UK visiting family and friends dear to me as I never knew when I would see them again, even to this day it breaks my heart about how I selfishly moved away, so before making the decision of moving for a long time ask yourself seriously if it's really what you want.

Financial preparation, this is standard procedure, ensure you have enough to last you and ensure that you have a safety to enable you to go back to where you started. After all if it's hard for you to leave, you don't want to have the mistake of not being able to return should you want and/or need to. Tying up loose ends is also a good thing to do, ensure you have enough left over to pay any outstanding direct debits should you find yourself tied to contracts, I know this maybe an obvious point but sometimes it's the most obvious that you'll leave out. This also goes across the board for any contracts/legal documents/business related issues, make sure that they're all cleared for you to leave for whatever the time period it is that you're going for, it's a bigger hassle trying to organise such important issues across different timezones (not to mention being on hold for hours whilst paying an overseas surcharge)

Belongings preparation, pack things to remind you of where you came from, things that you hold dear to your heart. At the same time you can't take everything so you need to think wisely about this. You'd want to go out and pick up a few things (backups) of items you can't live without especially if they're not easily accessible where you're going to. The worst thing you want to do is be in a panic situation and not have a clue where to find these items, neither if the products from the foreign companies are trustworthy, different countries have different consumer standards so if it's important than stock up on things that you trust and know.

Physical preparation, like my last point, if you have any health issues you'd want to go get medication and check up in a hospital and/or with a doctor you know and trust, foreign countries also have different health standards and systems in which you may not be familiar with. Dependant on where you'll be travelling to there could be health issues you may need to be assessed for, including vaccinations should you need any - after all if you're planning on staying for a long time you would want to make sure you'll still be alive when you come back (touchwood).

Attitude preparation, just because you've spent a long time in one country and things work well for you it doesn't go to say that they will all work smoothly in another, keep an open and positive mind, stay curious, and of course be humble. After all you are part of the minority now, you should learn to adapt to their culture, I'm not saying you should become one of them, but look past the negative sides of the cultures and embrace the positives they have to offer - you chose to go to the country for a reason didn't you? So don't focus on the negativities, it'll make you homesick and you'll only begin to question your own decision which isn't a good road to go down. Friendliness is key, building a contact base of locals in which will provide you with advice and invaluable knowledge of the area, social skills within reason are essential here.

Little London
Or some of you may refer it to being Hong Kong, this place is rather comparable to London in terms of convenience, in which allows you to be a stones throw away from society, there's a wide variety for food and activities to suit any liking. Lifestyle really does boil down to mentality in which you have the choice to do what you want so long as you feel like it, which in different peoples eyes can be either positives or negatives, it's hot and humid here from time to time, it can also get really chilly, so adapting to climate change and processed air would be essential here, learning to air out your washing properly to avoid the horrifying damp smell as well as finding the perfect deodorant for yourself, tweaking everyday routines and healthcare for climate changes is a minor adaption.

They say your heart is where your home is, in which inevitably is true. Home is within the memories and experiences that we have created and engraved into our hearts. As it has become something we know well it's where we feel at ease, in which is why we feel at 'home'. This doesn't necessarily mean that it is down to the precise neighbourhood you grew up in, because as time goes on the people and the area changes and it wouldn't be the same as you remembered. So home to me, is within my heart, and that will never leave me.

I believe I've covered most topics aside from the touristy questions, but that's all down to individual preferences and tastes so I won't cover that here.

Who knows where I'll be next

with love,
k x

Friday, 6 July 2012

forever and ever

Do you know what's beautiful? Every person you meet is essentially a one life stand. You'll only meet someone for the first time once, ever - what you do from there is up to both of you. But that first encounter, that initial moment, is once in a lifetime.

enjoy appreciating every person you've encountered!

it's a short one today.
k x

Friday, 1 June 2012

I know you're somewhere out there

There's only one issue with moving far away that has become quite a topic lately, now I don't know about yourself but I'm not the best at keeping in contact with people, least to say any kind of long distant relationship isn't ideal. Needless to say I keep to myself alot in which if it doesn't need sharing I won't bring it up, day to day banter and that.

What I'm trying to project in this little exerpt of my blog is that you shouldn't be afraid of distance and 'growing apart'. I have a good handful of people, about 6000 miles away from me now, that I will keep deep in my heart - even years from now. Because with them, I carry some of the best memories of my life. In fact, this can apply to every person that you'd come into contact within life in which at any point you'd grown close to, because people in fact do change, feelings will change, but what will change is what you've already experienced together. That, exactly that, would be why they would be in your heart forever regardless the distance.

Dear _____, if we (dont) ever see each other again. Know in your heart, that you're in mine eternally x