Tuesday, 31 August 2010

a little bit of lash obsessed

Just a post about lashes / false lashes for anyone interested :)

So when I was in Korea, I decided to get eyelash extensions after seeing them on my friend and they looked beautifully natural, for about 20,000won (30,000 and 10,000 discount for paying cash) coming to just under £20, I thought why not give it a go! (est. price in the UK is around £60 for the full set)

So I went to get the set of 120 lashes in silk:

Care instructions, we were told:

1. Don't rub your eyes

2. Don't apply mascara

3. Dont curl your fake lashes

4. and most of all don't tug/pull on the lashes

So I followed these golden rules, avoiding much movement to them when removing makeup and washing my face.

After about a day or so, they gradually started falling out, some on their own, some with my natural lash too, sometimes on their own, other times they'd bring a friend along with them

A few thing's I'd noticed:

Makeup got more natural looking, and there was a great deal less of a need to wear eyeliner

About 2 weeks in (where some people told me they lost all their lashes, I thought I'd take a few snaps of a minor update. To my surprise the lashes still kept in well, about half of them were still there and unlike what other girls said about hating their eyes after the lashes fall out, I didn't want to break my mirror every time i saw myself, it was pretty much ok!

It's now about 5th week in and needless to say I've only got a few left (3 on one eye and one on the other) so I've chucked the golden rules out of the window I've curled rubbed and put mascara on my lashes too, and without lash extensions, I reverted back to falsies

I subscribe to a lot of make-up "guru"'s on youtube, beautyQQ to be one of them and in one video ( click here ) she talks about an under-lash falsies application, so i got a couple of strips i wont be too heartbroken over loosing and gave it a go!

It's a bit tricky and time consuming (compared to just sticking a strip on top) and u may get eyelash glue in your eye now and again but I got it in the end

After the first application i thought I'd keep it in all day so I could give a more detailed opinion on it:

Immediate reaction: it looked AMAZING, I couldn't wait to show other people, unlike the strip lash you can't see the strip edges you don't have to cover the edges up with eyeliner, it looks amazingly natural yet beautifully long at the same time

After long wear, I stuck the extensions too close to the edge of the outer corner of the eyes so i kept getting irritated then i blink...

So with that in mind i thought I'd try the application once again

This time round it fit amazingly comfortably and lasted pretty much all day too

Overall thoughts, this is surely something I'd keep in practice, after the first application the second and third get easier and easier less glue in the eye too! (I do suggest you wait for the glue to dry a bit and get tacky before applying - for those who are impatient like me - otherwise you will get glue in your eye, and I wont lie, it does sting, but no damage as far to my knowledge)

Monday, 2 August 2010

it's a bit crazy

how reflecting can open to your mind to alot of things
how too much thinking can lead to greater things
how too much thinking can also break you down
how people rely so much on technology now
how society are so caught up in materialistic image
how we are given so much freedom of choice but we find it hard to choose
how we end up seeing both sides of the story but agreeing with neither

i'm completely not making any sense.

She's going cold;

There's an ongoing debate about the internet world of socialising; how much you'd like to expose and how much you want kept personal.

She's beginning to think, why am I sharing this?

Think about the image / note / piece of writing and about it's need or purpose, the effect that it may or may not give.

She begins to wonder, was there even a point?

Finding no need to define oneself over a collection of photographs, notes, memories

She begins to erase it from the world.

Somethings are best kept a secret x