Monday, 31 December 2012


For creating my life, with or without reason, this life - my life. Is because of them.

Because of them I have healthy eyes to see (without great prescription boundaries that tie me to spectacles) in which I have been blessed to enjoy the sights of the world from vast landscapes, sea views, minute details, things that even the best SLR can't pick up as beautifully as ones own retina.

Because of them I have ear that may or may not have selective hearing at times, but it allows me to enjoy a passion of mine that is, music. To hear every note, is to feel every beat. A babies laughter, the leaves rustling in a gentle breeze, the soft crashes of the waves at the beach.

Because of them I can enjoy the sense of touch, the most physical form of pleasure and pain. From stumping my toe on the corner of a cupboard to the warm sunrays shining down on your face on a cold winters morning. Thankfully I've run my life so far with all limbs intact enough to feel the crunch of snow beneath my feet, or the new soft warm towel after jumping out of the shower.

Because of them I have a tongue that not only allows me to communicate however it's packed with tastebuds in which, being a conplete foodie, allows me to taste from all corners of my mouth, aside from spicy food, there is little to no tolerence for spicy food.

Finally, because of them I have healthy nose receptors, although in the summer it may not be too happy when it comes into contact with pollen, neither does it always listen to me when I'm sick, in which being hand in hand with my sense of taste may hinder my eating experience, but at least for thr other 70% of the time, is another one of my best friends.

Why you ask? Because individually these senses make every living experience that much more interesting, more enjoyable, interactable, memorable. A sympthany of them all together or a combination of a couple at a time just makes everyday life beautiful in the details. 

Finally I'd like to thank the three of them for giving me opportunities and the upbringing to enjoy these senses and not to let them waste away. In which I'd like to give you all a quick reminder that not every person is fortunate to have all senses, yours are your best friends too so make the most of them take them out to enjoy life because there isnt one day or minute that you dont deserve to not enjoy and appreciate the life that you're given.

Thank you my dear parents x