Sunday, 27 May 2012

the lights will keep changing

Ok, so there are various issues swimming around my head right now so do forgive me if the message is unclear, but they all seem intertwined in one way or other.

So far in my short life, one main thing that I have grown to know is that we are always students, life has a funny way of always giving us new lessons to learn. At any point in your life when you think you know it all, I'm afraid that a lot of us - even at the end of our lives, still haven't learnt it all, possibly some learn more than others, and at times you may be fortunate enough to not have to go through issues that others had to.

However, these lessons may not necessarily have to be a hard time to go through, looking back at the past recently I found myself just smiling, I truly believe that it's not because I've only been looking back and forgotten about the bad times. However as time has passed and allowed me to think it over, I had learnt to accept that all events in my life have in fact happened, and regardless the outcome I am where I'm standing now regardless of the emotional ups and downs. Even if you're going through a tough time now, cheesy as this may sound but even when they say life is short, they only mean it because no matter what emotions you feel at this point, time will only keep rolling and pass you by, and time wasted on looking back bitterly you'll only miss what may be infront of you.

To be honest with all 'issues', I had learnt that there are no right nor wrong answers to things, just the way of thinking. So if you aren't happy about something, try change your perspective and soon you will see that things aren't in fact as bad as you may think they are. So there you have it boys and girls, my secret to be happy - acceptance.

smile, k x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

summer ombre

Hey guys and dolls, it's been a while that I've blogged anything remotely beauty related so I went and did my huuur for the summer! Got me some pre-lightener kits from my good ol relly who came to stay for a lil while - cheers for that! So here's the stuff and how I did it!


Wrapped tips in tin foil 20 mins from root to..where ever that it... 3 inches below my chin?

Then after that I applied it to up to my chin for another 25 minutes and voila! Loving this look for my summer hair.. and that's all I have time for folks!