Friday, 30 April 2010

I'd like to speak to your manager please

Some people are just...... so unprofessional
Take your emotions OUT of the workplace. please

Is it a moth? Or a butterfly?

funny things aren't they? Where two people meet up and do their thing together.. and by the end of it you always get that inevitable question:

Do you see us as meeting up or as dates?

basically... they're asking about your proposed intentions for them? A bit early in the game no? if you get feelings for eachother i guess you both can see it? But then some people are quick to judge and already know what they want... i find myself often replying.... meeting up? but who's to say it wont change? ( cant predict the future) and unintentionally providing false hope... but they're decent guys.. I'm just not sure if they're what im looking for.. or rather if I'M what they're looking for?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

having my pie and eating it too

Do women ask for too much in men?

You want a guy you can play with... so a guy comes along who you can have fun with but that's all he'll see you for...


You want a guy that's sweet and respects you... so a sweet caring guy who admires you for you but he's too "nice"...


is there any pleasing us?

Friday, 23 April 2010

the "plug," "prong," or "pin"

The assignment is by direct analogy with genitalia and sexual intercourse;

I already digress... So I've been asked recently... Do I go for white boys? black boys? asian boys? or only oriental boys?
Even with oriental boys... Chinese only? Japanese? Filipino? Korean? Thai?

Not being racist,,,, but there are cultural preferences and there are the exceptions....but I do find myself aesthetically more attracted to Caucasians and Orientals. there. happy?

Monday, 12 April 2010


You stop me in my tracks...
You tore them right down...
I felt lost without you
You don't know how much I've missed you
I really wanna see you
I get butterflies
...i wanted that one too :(

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Snails never move.. they take their homes with them

When you move out... You never really realize what you leave behind;
Being a uni student, naturally you become this.... hermit crab


You move habitat almost yearly... now I've had my fairshare of 'lodgings' some more memorable than others, but a large selection were luckily for me, clustered in one area (mk)

31 Rolvenden Grove
4 Speldhurst Court
55 Douglas Place
18 Tynemouth Rise
5 Cavan Way
117 Farriers Road
57 Hook Road
9 Fusion Court
27 Avante Court

Thing is, it's not just the memories that you leave behind, it's the people too.

I miss it, I really do... things were so much easier then x

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Time to get your summer on ladies

The days are getting brighter and warmer;

I don't know about the rest of you but I for one can't wait to strip down, slap on some tan-in and soak up some rays!

So here's the summer 1-o-1;

The bikini.
First things first. Your swimwear has almost no difference to your lingerie, you should choose a type that suit's your body shape (boobs included) and have the right size (boobs and briefs) otherwise the fit will be completely wrong!
for example: I'm hugely against bandeau bikinis, they make your boobs look flatter and smaller, for the curvier woman this maybe a good thing but for a stick like me, well it just takes away my assets!
ok... you may or may not know I'm not the girl in the pic.. she's an asos model...
but dyagetwhatimean?

So to this years top picks!
Mango usually do nice ones but this year doesn't really do them justice :(
River Island has this gorgeous green colour:
Topshop has delivered this sweet blue colour
I love the colour, its bright which is ideal for the summer and would look fab with a golden tan x

And moving onto my Asos Favs!
This gorge white n gold perfectly teamed for a classy glam look without the tack
sailor stripes are CUTE but sexy at the same time, horizontal lines will make your twins look bigger too ;]
Getting tired of two pieces? this number makes a onepice looks SEXY again, the bandeau always suits the curvier girls x
Fear not fellow sticks! there's this amazing halter neck one piece
I know I'm getting this one!
For those tummy concious who said you cant look amazing covered!

one thing to remember: when you find the right bikini; don't hesitate! BUY IT. or you'll soon regret it x

Summer fashion
Bleached out pastels are hot this season
So go for light pastel coloured maybe even floral tops that'll sit and swing slightly in the wind
from shirts to dresses and a good pair of bleached out ripped shorts to set your summer wardrobe off!
I must say I do love this top from top shop!

The kicks
For the summer, nothing beats a strappy sandle! Keeps the stuffy sweaty heat out, but looks amazingly fashionable too
Here's a few from office:

Asos loves

April loans are soon in! happy shopping! x

im addicted dickheads

I don't know what it is about the testosterone driven male that attracts me;

And by dickhead I do mean the stranger representable, clean cut and styled man, maybe even with a hint of stubble, which does connote nothing other than the dick for brains...

But it's more than that it's the ones that use their brains to serve purpose for their phallic needs... Especially the kind with wit and cheek that feel that they could cleverly fool me into them using their extended vocabulary; which only makes the game more interesting...

Call me traditional, but the man should also be driven, have a passion for something other than the everyday... a body that can move, a voice that could sweep you off your feet...

This and a touch of chivalry; would be my ideal... but a girl can dream x

until then, anyone knows of any male species of this kind,
feel free to send them my way x

Thursday, 1 April 2010

when you think about it.. isn't all this all just a bit stalkerish?

Don't you find it weird when somehow or other,
not through word of mouth,
but through one portal or another...

someone seems to know things about you...
that you haven't told to them personally

and it just makes you think..... how much do they know? how often do they check all these various portals? do they specifically follow yours?

and then it all gets kinda... scary... you see I don't tell people about my accounts... well people I don't feel the need to share them with.. if you find me.. kudos :) but when you come across someone who has somehow or other discovered all of them... then asks you casually about issues you've brought up you just get this icy chill down your back, its rather discomforting....

weirdly it's the one who want to get involved with my life too much.... are the ones that I push away the most... you're interested in all... but must you know it all?