Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Just a simple product rave, Bioderma make up remover. Mine's in sensitive, usually my fave make up removers (Clinique and Boots Botanics) leave my skin oily and slimey that I need to use face wash after also I'd need to rub my eyes a bit before my fave mascara (majolica majorca) will come off by about 80%.

This remover is completely different - it doesn't make you feel slimey, you don't need to shake before use, and it takes off my stubborn mascara with ease! To top things off, they're on sale at Bonjour (Hong Kong) with the original price of around $396 to now at $115 now you can't tell me that isn't a bargain!

sometimes change is good x

Every step.

Sometimes, when you leave some things behind you begin to appreciate the little things as well as the big things. Things that you take for granted on your everyday becomes something you long for.

I guess it goes to show, to appreciate everything everyday as you won't want to regret it when it's gone.

love x