Monday, 10 September 2012

eenie meenie

I had another blog brewing but I felt the need to get this out first. A little bit of an epitome that I'd stumbled over within the past few days that I'd dipped my feet into the topic of (if you're an avid reader) but I hadn't quite gone too far in depth with.

I've always said that life can be like the lottery, sometimes you get lower prizes and sometimes you hit the jackpot, a prize is still a prize nonetheless and 'losing' never stops you from buying another ticket. I usually use this as a 'pick-me-up' to my friends when they feel low about a short fall in their lives. But moving on from this I've come to realise about how severe gluttony has become within today's lifestyle.

The problem that most people have is that they are convinced they aren't happy, or satisfied because hopes and dreams are always set so high that they will never reach them. Yes, this is good for self development to feel like you're constantly 'progressing' with life, but is that a need? The issue with it all is that everything is so exposed and 'available' in modern day life that since a young age you're completely spoilt for choice, like a kid in a candy store, you don't know what to go for first, neither do you know which is best for you, so all us 'kids' tend to go for what everyone else seems to go for as it seems like the best thing.

But is what everyone else wants, what you truly want and need? For example, many people go into education and choose subjects their friends all choose and end up flunking, even after uni people aren't sure where they want to go with life, even in the working world people jump from job to job finding a 'purpose'. All we know what we want in life is money, money will make us happy, money will get us where we want. I remember watching "Who wants to be a millionaire" as a child and thought to myself if I got to a couple thousand I'd be happy to walk away, but everyone has their sights on the millons. 

On the other side of the boat people find love of interest, now as I get older my old thoughts and and connotations of love have completely bent and moulded and soon I've realised everything I'd learnt as a child has crippled my vision of 'love' to the point where I've grown to realise the older I am the less I really knew. You grow up to think that there are a lot of wants and needs in your partner, but in true fact you're learning to be selfish and finding how well you want someone to suit you as opposed to how to truly see someone for what they really are. You go into the world chasing mythical white knights on horses as you've seen glimpses of him within the movies / characteristics of others in which you bend and mould your brain to create this hyperreal character that is too high to reach. Ask yourself if you deserve the knight in shining armour, now this isn't to kick you down rather, it's an open invitation for you to reflect upon yourself. The amount of times I've seen people get married and I hear off others, "to think they really got married! I never thought they would be together", and when you hear their vows and reasoning for choosing each other - a lot of the time it's because "he/she makes me a better me" not because he's ravishingly good looking, not because they have common interests, not because they have a large bank account, not because of his car, it's down to who they really are as people.

I suppose the main message I'm trying to get across through all this is, stop trying to compete with each other on a materialistic level look past all the exposure of choice, take your time and think about everything, what is the best choice for you. Some people might be cola bottles, some could be lollypops, a friend told me once:

Don't let anyone stop you from being you. You wanna be a unicorn? then fuck it be a unicorn.

p.s. anyone does include the media brainwashing.

If you're still not tired form reading and you're not afraid of biting on a lemon, this guy has  pretty much hit the nail on the head with a more money related viewpoint. Click here to be directed!