Sunday, 27 February 2011

brain vomit

Lets begin by defining these term "孝順" haau3seon6 this is what children are called when they are respectful to their elders in terms of helping them out and listening to them. Listening to them.. funny that, by taking orders are you being respectful? Shouldn't the praise be for those who do things out of willingness as opposed to autonomously doing things as they're told.

Which brought me onto the next phrase on parenting "養兒一百歲,長憂九十九" joeng5ji4yat1bak3seoi3,coeng4jau1gau2sap6gau2 when children are cared for by their parents for 100 years and worry about them for 99 years; for kids to take advantage of their parents and the older generation as a whole are just simply disrespectful.

I guess the whole thing that I'm trying to put across is that children now rarely show signs of care and respect for their elders, it's "uncool" to help your parents out or to be seen with them or listen to their ramblings. If you stop being ignorant for a minute listen to them, even cherish that they are even there.

After all, they may buy you that handbag you've ogled for months


qenvrhgej jbak AHHHHHHHHHH!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

JQT Peekaboo 2/3

Ga Jin
Lightly apply UD smog to crease and blend, pencil liner on waterline, liquid liner top link to bottom and extend out. Use qtip with makeup remover to correct, use tape as guide if needed. Smudge UD darkhorse on liner. Apply section of glitter lashes. Bronzer in hollows, peach lips.

His Perks

1. Portable Pillow
Speaks for itself

2. Portable Radiator
Speaks for itself

3. Portable Wardrobe
Situations when you're feeling cold? Steal his jacket.
Situations when you're feet hurt from your crazy heels? Steal his shoes.

4. Carrier
Now you can bring out all those unnecessary things you won't usually for all those 'just in case' situations like:
Bottle of water
Big fat heavy notebook
You get the idea... Your Mary Poppins Handbag, and all that extra shopping

5. Reason to buy more
Oh look, I've put too much lotion on my hand! Rub it off on him!
Almost finished your face wash? Let him use it!
In fact any skincare product, let him help you finish it so you can have a reason to go out and get the next set of skincare

6. Escape Goats
Feeling lazy or want to wear something loose fitting? it's the boyfriends.
Don't want to doll up and go out? Night in with the boyfriend.
Always wanted to play video games? He's making you.
boyfriends pay for everything
nb: not to be taken seriously; inspired by 5 Perks of Having a Girlfriend

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Thursday, 17 February 2011

The skies the limit.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the up rise in beauty blogs, vloggers and so forth and some people hesitant in creating them. People getting comments on others copying one another;

I think to myself so often whether there's a purpose on blogging these things; what is my reason, my motivation, do people really care? But then I get feedback from friends, some even confide in me as if I'm a guru and I know these things yet I'm only human and my knowledge only goes so deep but if I can share my experiences and it can help others than why not?

Self confidence is key

Whether or not you believe people care about what you have to say, you'll be surprised on how much someone does respect it, even if it's a repeat of what someone else has said and done, by you repeating it only supports what they've done / said. Additionally you are just one out of the other seven billion people out there you are individual, and when you say one thing it's not going to be completely identical to someone else's.

So if you ever feel like doing something that someone has 'already' done, you should just go for it you may do 'better' or 'worse' but you're doing it in your own way. It's like owning a piece of clothing someone else has; why can't you buy it? 'Because you know them you can't have the same thing' yet every other stranger earns the right? Wrong. You wont wear the top the same way they do and it wont fit you the same way as it does them.
just why not

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Big Hair, long thick lashes, big eyes, plump lips, tall noses, tanned/pale skin, big boobs, slender waists, long legs... Is it really all that "beautiful"?

women naturally want to be pretty?
is this true? or what we are told to believe?

What is beauty? The media around us and the people around us are building constant pressure for women to be beautiful; magazines teach girls what looks nice and what make-ups nice, mens magazine teach boys to objectify women; some people take this ideology to extremes, not leaving the house without make-up to pick up milk from the shop, married couples over a decade yet the husband has never seen the wife without make-up, plastic surgery all for what?


The sense of 'fitting in', to be comfortable in your own skin - but with "slap" on is it your own skin? You could say you're enhancing your features, but others see it as a mask. Spots go away, and scars fade, other parts of your face are what make you who you are.

This debate can go on forever, I'm not against make-up and beauty neither am I for surgically 'correcting' yourself, this topic was brought up at uni and interesting enough for me to share with you. There's a fine line on how much a person could do; to me image is only skin deep, true beauty is within.

They say guys prefer natural faces

Monday, 14 February 2011



Something to wrap your tool with

The hunt began after seeing my friend's ring from H&M - a nice dupe for the YSL one's promising it to my housemate I went and got it for her as a 'for now' gift and got myself a few more:
a softer 'girlier' version :)
I'm a terrible hand model.. so ignore that and look at the rings!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fat Kid Loves Cake

Following mine and a friend's craze of a coffee shop crawl (yes - crawl) in Korea we decided to do one again in London - aside from the typical Starbucks and Costa's, so I decided to take her to my favourite cake shops - Paul's and Valerie's (unfortunately Paul's only had strawberry tarts left when we got there *sadtimes*) So here's the two we managed:
For Tiramisu / Mocha lovers this is a beautiful alternative, touch of chocolate meets coffee center
Sour lemon meets bitter chocolate
The best one it had a sour kick the 'cheese' was soft and fluffy whilst the base was sweet and crunchy yumyumyum
we got a free dick!
my friend modelling his 'piece'
Paul and Valerie should marry and have cake babies;

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I love you more than...

Thought I'd share some better than average v-day cards with you :)
topshop x

Collective Lusting

Anyone spare some cash?


It still didn't hit the spot of my spending itch ._.


This is a little late as I'd only just received it today, Christmas Gifts from my host family in Korea
I was surprised they'd written English in the card as my friend's Mother got a blank card due to their limited vocab x
cute warm socks
SEAWEED yumyumyum!!!

OK; with the next one: I LOVE. I love snoods you can wear them in so many ways:
extras - on the topic of presents:
Birthday card from my friend; oh the geek in me x
Birthday Card from my Dad; He's so cute :)