Thursday, 28 July 2011

Not Fall Yet.

I apologise for my spadroic posting, I promise I'll get into a routine soon, I'm getting into a habit of having many different topics and goodies to share with you but little time to put my full effort into it. For now here's one of my little OOTD's

Sunday, 10 July 2011

taking care of your biggest organ

As I've done a small percentage of skincare I thought I'd finish up with how I take care of the rest of my skin!
For most skincare, hygiene plays an important part, I'm not too fussy with shower gels, I tend to pick up anything at the supermarket usually that of the Radox range, but my favourite shower gel is definitely that of original source in lime it just smells so.. edible! (not a reason why to choose a shower gel of course) but even with all these alleged moisturising shower gels there's no real way of measuring as I always moisturise afterwards: as long as it smells nice and leave me clean without any weird residue I'm smitten.

Exfoliation whilst showering; I've been using mittens/exfoliation pads for about 6 or so years now, just smothering your skin in shower gel will not make you clean. This is beginning to turn into showering 101 (which I'm sure you may not need). Any who, using exfoliation gloves buffing the skin in circular motions will remove dead skin and reduce the amount of ingrown hairs, leaving your softer and smoother.

In addition to the exfoliation gloves, on occasion, I use Soap and Glory's Flake Away packed with; Sea Salt which is known for removing dead skin and reducing ingrown hairs; shea butter and almond oil to dramatically moisturise the skin; along with other exfoliating moisturising skin goodies. I get a bit into my palms and massage these in a circular motion onto my legs until the particles become smaller and rinse off.

After a good towel dry I moisturise my skin with a body lotion, usually that of Dove or Johnson's I find that moisturising straight after showering/bathing is more effective than doing it later in time when the skin has already dried up and began shrivelling.

Additionally, I have a special moisturiser from Heel to Toe for my feet as they tend to be thicker and drier than the rest of the body. The lotion is thicker and creamier in texture with a silicone like feeling to it, out of all moisturisers I have to say; when I began using this I saw dramatic results in a couple days, my chapped heels were practically smooth.

When you think about it aside from your face, your hands and feet also undergo a lot of work through out the day and night, so why not pamper them that little bit further? After moisturising either of these I always cover them up with cotton socks to help retain the moisture then pop into bed, they may end up separated from my hands and feet by morning but they are dramatically smoother than what they will be like if I was without. This process is done all year round because I feel although heels and feet are on show a lot more during the summer seasons, skin tends to be drier in the winter seasoned and even though you can cover up your chapped heels there's no reason why they should be that way.

Finally, a quick touch into hair removal, I use an epilator. Reason being that shaving causes, in my opinion, coarse from stubble whereas epilated skin is alot smoother when hairs grow back, it's also required to be done less often, I also find that it is less painful than waxing - which can also damage the top layer of skin. The only downside to epilating that I've found is the minor trouble of ingrown hairs, which shouldn't be a problem if you exfoliate regularly and properly.

On a side note, I cant believe I hadn't noticed this before but for a while now there's been a dark patch in my pictures; I think my sensor's dirty so I'll try fix that asap! Until then I do apologise for the annoying dark splodge!

Friday, 8 July 2011


So I thought I'll let you have a sneak peek into what I was upto when I took a small trip to Nottingham last month, my friend Yen Chi Vo has been developing her photography portfolio so she asked me to help out as her Stylist and Make Up Artist, one of our other friends Khanh was the amazing hair stylist her contact is at the bottom if you're interested!

Dress - Lipsy
Shirt - H&M
Dress - Hearts & Bows (brought in ARK)
Make Up
A clean face was desired as to not defer from the extravagant hairstyles and accessories, a little concealer(supplied by model) was used to cover up freckles with a light layer of foundation, finished with some Benefit Hello Flawless to finish with a spritz of E.L.F Mist & Set A little concealer was also used on the lips with a touch of Benefit's Benetint to add a touch of colour. UD Primer Potion with UD Naked to the lids; then UD Buck to the crease for definition. Finally UD Hustle to the lash line to get the effect of fuller thicker lashes - eyeliner will be too strong, finish with mascara.

To look at more of Yen's work please visit her webfolio here and her blog here!
Additionally, if you wanted to book Khanh as a hairstylist (limited to uk only) you can contact her on kay.uk_[.at]
If you'd also like to book Hayley for Modelling (limited to uk only) her contact email is gloriouslygreen[.at]

THE list

I don't think it's fair for just guys to have a "list" girls should have one too, inspired by jennamarble's video I've decided to post my "list" for the sh*ts and giggles. Who knows if they turn around and say I'm on their list WHO WILL BE LAUGHING THEN?

Ip Man
Charlie Sheen
Peter Serafinowicz
Stefan Sagmeister
Warhol - maybe we'll have quadruplets of different colours
Banksy and give birth to a spray can
G Dragon's Wardrobe
TaeYang's Voice
Jay Park's Voice
Morgan Freeman's voice
Mike Peele's Cant Be Friends Choreo
Doraemon can pull anything out of his pocket for me

Christina Aguilera
Vivienne Westwood
Coco Chanel
Jenna Marbles (ofc)

A mouse to create Mickey Mouse (sorry Walt)
Longcat - let's see how long he really is
3 way with Snog Frozen Yoghurt and a Ice Cream Mochi (or just snog with mochi)
Orgy with Choreo Cookies & Sh!t Kingz, Kaba Modern can watch.
Milk Magazine
Studio Ghibli
A Tic Tac to create minions from despicable me (or maybe a glow stick?)

Things/People I'd adopt (I thought I'd throw this in, it's wrong for them to be on my list)
Agnes from Despicable Me

ok so not much thought has gone into this... but there's a sample of THE list. Feel free to share yours too!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

To Wonderland

It's been a while since I've touched anything other than the naked / sleek palettes, so I decided to do a look with the Urban Decay Alice and Wonderland Palette. Packed full of both neutral and vibrant colours, here's a pinky summery look to share with you guys, I hope you like it!

UD Primer Potion - to prime
Eyeko Line & Shine Duo Superstar Plum - lid base colour blend to crease
UD Alice Chessur - crease blend upwards towards browbone beware of fallout
UD Alice Queen - Pat onto lid and blend to chessur, also on lower lashline
UD Alice Jabberwocky - Outer V and blend beware of fallout
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack - Line
Lashes (Hong Kong)
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara

Sleek Contour Kit Medium - Contour
Nars Laguna - Bronze

EOS Lipbalm

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


what is it? This emotion is solely individual, to me love is simple and carefree.

If love needs words, tell me how can mutes love?

Parcel packages makes it feel like Christmas

So I came home (a few weeks back, I apologise again for the delay) and was greeted by a very nice surprise parcel waiting for me!

As I'd already touched on Sigma's quality of brushes, I don't think it's much different if not better with these two aside from the duo fibre brush did have a tendency to shed a little during cleansing. An added bonus is that they come with brush protectors too which is a hygiene bonus - not only from other brushes but from dust collection during storage. Any who I'll go on to talk about the brushes individually:

F50 - Most people use duo fibre brushes to create 'airbrushed' effects with their foundations by stippling the product onto their faces with it, however not only do I prefer to use my hands to apply my foundation (judge me all you like) but I feel that the F50 isn't sturdy enough for controlled stippling unless you're planning on ever so lightly grazing the skin with the brush. On the other hand I've found this duo fibre brush a saint for applying highlighter and blush.

F35 'Highlighter' brush, the tear drop shaped brush does do a highlighting job well getting onto tight areas like the bridge of the nose or utilising the brush and sweeping not only under the eyes but brushing across the cheekbones too, I found this brush also works well with concealing.

To order some for yourself go to Sigma's Website :)
disclaimer: Although these were sent to be from Sigma, I wouldn't review these unless I truly thought they were worth the effort