Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A bit of Viv.

If you don't already have the guardian as reading material on facebook, than it's worth getting it solely to read this article, truly inspiring words from a person whom many people look upto - Vivienne Westwood.

I'm only a blogger.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Alternative dress

This is amazing, I had to share it with you guys and dolls!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Another day.

A request blog as well as something I've been meaning to blog about anyway:

My guide to you: The Hong Kong Experience.

What can I say to what comes across as a 'highly populated fast paced' city....

Pros being:

Opening / Closing times. Apart from places such like the bank and postal services the majority of the stores, entertainment and restaurants are open until later hours of the day, midnight (in comparison to the UK where stores are closed on ave 6pm, 8/9pm in the capitol / late night shopping) which means aside from going going home eating dinner showering and sleeping (I refer to the full-time 9-5 workers here) or to the pub till 11pm, I'll talk about these later, or to the club. There is a wider variety of activities to do after hours such like late night shopping until midnight, not having to rush to the cinema as the last viewing is at midnight, going to have a round of darts, bowling, eating, kareoke if you fancy it, I'm slowly loosing memory of what there is to offer here but you get the drift. Which would almost guarantee you with a busy lifestyle.

The wide variety of food at affordable prices, even though the majority of Hong Kong's population is that of native Chinese ethnicity, due to the British colonization there's a vast variety of food on offer within Hong Kong, and I'm not just talking about with a large price tag either, $100 (estimated to around 8GBP) is the average for my daily evening meal at restaurants. However you can find yourself some delicious bargain food for as little as $18 noodles from the side streets or $40 for a peppered lunch at the food court which is around the same price as McDonalds, but a million times better!

24/7 Transport to accommodate the needs of passengers, I haven't expressed my love for minibus' enough. Although they can be seen as dangerous as they speed round corners but it's because they're convenient, they cut to the chase and get you places on time whilst having a view of the places around you (as opposed to taking the tube). Which in turn provides you with the opportunity to explore the place you're coming from on the way, and going to. Most of the late night transport I take are via minibus - after clubbing etc, as be warned, the trains stop at midnight. You could be completely badass and stake out till 5am for the first train of course (which I have also done on numerous occasions)

This leads me on to addressing those even more hardcore party-goers. Clubs, and most bars close around 4-5am in which is enough time for you to get those alcohol induced food cravings out the way and be on your way to the train station to drag your tired ass home.

Separate from above but another pro is that many bars, that I know of, are open bar once you are admitted paid entry, perfect for those on a budget and preparing for pre-drinks on the night ahead. Ladies, most weeknights are free entry. Sorry lads, sexism at its best/worst again I suppose if you're taking a girl out you're kind of saving on paying for her too right?

Again as I've touched on before about the British colonization, is that a benefit from that is now the majority and I use that word lightly, have proficient English skills to serve you what you need (you may need to stick to basic English). However unlike other places that I've traveled to (eg. Korea) you wont need to pick up much basic native language skills as I had to there. You may come across a few street menus that have solely Chinese words on them but you can do as I do, eye up people eating and their food.. say you want what they have - if it looks good, you'll then begin to familiarize yourself with a handful of Chinese words you can then use on other Chinese menus.

Random fact: the size of Hong Kong, home to 7 million, is infact the same as London (within M25's radius) which populates around 7.8 million people - The only difference it that Hong Kong's alot more tightly packed so everywhere you go practically feels like oxford street.

The cons:

People, there's so many of them! I do miss how spacious it is in Britain!

People, again, the majority of people here are rather rude and don't seem to have much patience, it's like their life is about to end if they don't get on that train. Let's not forget the next one will arrive in 2-5 minutes.

5.5 days work for those of you considering to move and work out here a 5-day work is considered as a benefit.

Busy schedules lead for empty pockets, be prepared to be aware of your expenditure. You could live a happy life and saving money as you would in the for example Britain, as there's less to do by default you save a lot more - in Hong Kong it's a whole new ball game, if you want to save money you won't be wondering the streets at night.

Disclaimer : this is all in my opinion and my point of view, should you agree or disagree with it. I apologize if this may/may not offend people.

So here's my experience / advice. I will return with another blog in the series of a guide to food / shopping / sights&travelling / clubbing&drinking - that is. If you'd like.

I hope you're all well! I know I say this a lot, I'll get back into blogging soon, and next time with pictures!

love k x

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I don't know why I do this to myself in such a fashion rich city, I often find myself trolling back on England's online shopping sites (ASOS, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Net-A-Porter, H&M, Zara, River Island). I suppose as there's a low market for online shopping here as most of the stores are small boutiques whereas larger companies within the UK have sites to find everything you want in one place.. well here's my Christmas Lust list - be warned there's a load of images so those of you on mobile data plans I don't suggest you read this from your phones (yes, I know you're reading )


This festive season, or rather since Halloween infact I've been a major lover for deep red cherry / burgundy nails, possibly accented with a gold tip or so, but here are a few available from my favourite and affordable nail brands Barry M & Rimmel.

As my winter wardrobe's aren't ever complete without a couple of knits, this year I'm loving the fisherman knit and the sparkle and fluff cropped knits for both the cool sophisticated look as well as a sexy chic look when teamed with a LBD. I've also chucked in a couple of extra's that caught my eye, not necessarily joined to this festive season but lusts nonetheless

Possible stocking fillers / gifts for either boys or girls all in which I love

happy shopping x

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Re-vamping your gel liner

First thing's first I bet you're glad to know that I've not got a memory card for my camera again! So out with the macbook/iPhone photos and back to the clearer 'ish' quality haha! Unfortunately I've landed myself a fulltime job and I'm still adjusting to the time schedules and finding the right time to blog... I'm sneaking this into my lunchbreak as I type :) Aside from all that I digress from the main topic:

Are you tired of your Gel liners drying out and being a pain to apply even when you heat it on the back of your hand? I find this has happened with my MAC fluidline especially... Well there's an old trick with nail polishes when they get dry - to add a little remover in. I've done the same with my gel liner!

Notice how it's dry looking and rather rough - this has been on the back of my hand for a while and there's no sign of any smoother application. Hoever after I've just TOUCHED - you don't want to soak the brush otherwise the liner will become too light.

You can compare the top blog to the lower blob, see how it's alot more smoother and the colour is still just as potent? With this trick a little goes a long way. Additionally I do this per application as I'm not sure what the implications of mixing the while tub will be - be warned! This has made my mornings alot faster and easier. Just sharing!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

New Smokey Eye

You all most likely know by now how I'm a huge fan of the smokey eye, most of my makeup looks are one variation or another, well my friends I'm here bringing you yet another variation.
Browns and Purples, surprisingly they mix very well for a gorgeous autumn smokey eye.

Oh Primarni

Usually Primark is my number one place to go to for my stockings as not only are they affordable but, I love you Topshop but I am sorry, the quality is truly comparable. But sometimes there is an odd one in the bunch that lets you down, for me it was when I'm half way around the world and have no means of buying another (well means an excuse to go shopping). Any who this is the beautiful set that I'd just freshly opened for a night out:
Until I pulled them up to find this gaspingly large and getting bigger, hole. I wasn't happy Primarni, I wasn't happy. Well, for the price what more can you ask!

Time to go out and buy more!

HA-LO-WAI Ocean Park Halloween Special

Looking for something exciting to do this October? Well for you thrill seekers out there you ca always go to your local theme park! I'm not too confident to claim all theme parks but I know that back home Thorpe Park does a "freight night" event, whilst over here at both Ocean Park and Disneyland there's Halloween Specials. What happens in these events are that the theme parks are specially opened longer than the usual trading time in which you can have the experience of late night rides, additionally they open up a few more haunted houses.
Welcome to Ha-Lo-Wai!
We dressed up to go that extra mile for our evening out!
( Zombie makeup tips - apply foundation all over to remove any redness or colouration to your face, then get a dark muddy colour darker than your usual contour, and apply it generously your usual contoured areas, do make sure u slightly blend the edges to finish it neatly! Add fake blood etc if you want )
About the special event itself, the costumes were amazinggggg like you can tell they put way more effort in them in comparison to Thorpe Park, I couldn't take photos in the haunted houses but in some parts I was afraid to walk in, as the interior and makeup on the workers made it look and feel like I was walking into a horror movie. Scare factor was rather low, however the screams mainly came from shock, as people jump out at you from random areas of the mazes, but it is something I would defiantly recommend going to do at least once in a lifetime! After a couple it begins to get repetitive however the workers at the attraction made it that bit more entertaining, I heard that Ocean Park workers are more professional on that part whereas Disneyland runs out on steam but I haven't experienced it personally to say so.

Other than that Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to create this blog via Ocean Park or any of their representatives, however if the people of Ocean Park would like to hire me as a zombie, or send some freebies my way I'd be more than happy to receive them (HEHEHE)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Just a simple product rave, Bioderma make up remover. Mine's in sensitive, usually my fave make up removers (Clinique and Boots Botanics) leave my skin oily and slimey that I need to use face wash after also I'd need to rub my eyes a bit before my fave mascara (majolica majorca) will come off by about 80%.

This remover is completely different - it doesn't make you feel slimey, you don't need to shake before use, and it takes off my stubborn mascara with ease! To top things off, they're on sale at Bonjour (Hong Kong) with the original price of around $396 to now at $115 now you can't tell me that isn't a bargain!

sometimes change is good x

Every step.

Sometimes, when you leave some things behind you begin to appreciate the little things as well as the big things. Things that you take for granted on your everyday becomes something you long for.

I guess it goes to show, to appreciate everything everyday as you won't want to regret it when it's gone.

love x

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

30KG Life

So if you were jetting away for a few months and possibly for the long term but had a size and weight limitation, what would you bring? Well it's all down to what you'd be doing at the said destination and what you can't go without, it's about asking yourself what's important to you not only day to day but also what is more worthwhile in the long run. Now I'm not too sure how much of my luggage and personal belongings I want to share with you, but I'll dive in with the beauties and accessories. I must begin with apologising (in good british fashion) about the background as I couldn't find anything else to make an infinity board with other than my cousins exercise mat glamourous as it is!

(From L to R) I couldn't leave without my go-to perfumes not only casual or formal, laid back or done up these complete anything for me. Body Shop Green Tea Mask even though it's available within Hong Kong it's more pricey furthermore no-one's gone use it while I'm gone so I might aswel! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack was packed for the same reason although this isn't readily available within the UK. Heel To Toe Foot Cream can be considered as my HG for foot cream, this I can't buy in HK so I had to take it with me! Same again for BioOil, there are alternatives but you cant get your hands on this over here! Body Shop Tea Tree Spot Treatment, same as the mask! Suqqu Rice Mask, even though it's a japanese brand stocked in Selfridges, you can't actually purchase this within Hong Kong! Boots Botanics Make-Up remover, well you just can't find a Boots in Hong Kong!

In terms of make-up brushes I know myself that most of my make-up consists around my eyes with some face contouring and blush, so as you've guessed most of my brush collection reflects that! Essential brushes for everyday consists of my forgotten cheap eyeshadow brush, my MAC 231 shader for under eye and the E.L.F Angled Liner, other eye brushes often used are my Sigma Pencil and Blending brush. Everyday face brush consists of my Ping Pong blush brush and E.L.F Kabuki, other face brushes are my Sigma Duo Fiber and E.L.F flat top Kabuki, I also packed the E.L.F small smudge brush for seldom use. No make up look of mine is complete without my MAC Gel Liner, other liquid liners were left in UK as they're readily available over here.

I don't tend to play around with lip colours much as they all tend to wear away during the day anyway so I brought a few pinks, a coral and a couple trusty nude lippys with me, I did however forget my MAC Gina and ended up packing my MAC GaGa which I don't love as much and doesn't go with as many looks *slaps wrist* this ladies and gents shows that you should take your time in packing - especially when you don't know when you have a chance to get your hands on them next!

For foundations and concealers I brought my creamier formulations so they won't melt off my face so much as liquid ones would, in terms of eye liners I brought my trusty UD 24/7 and MAC's in wearable everyday colours such like black, brown and white, also fun brighter colours like silver and green. I wouldn't leave for anywhere with my HG Rimmel Kohl Eyebrow Pencils and my HG mascara's Jill Stuart, Imju Fiberwig, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander!

For makeup palettes, I chose to bring my day-to-day and few wearable (UD Naked, Sleek Storm) on occasion palettes (Sleek Graphite) with me. I only ever wear slight tints on my cheeks and face so I only brought back my Nars (Gina&Orgasm) and my Maybelline Mineral Blush, one thing I did forget to bring is my bronzer :( I also packed a few Benefit & Mac pot shadows that aren't in the palettes I brought with me that I also reach for often :)

I'm increasingly becoming more fond of my ring collection so I brought a selection of my basic rings and go-to rings
1. TopShop 2011s/s
2&3&4. H&M 2010a/w
5. ASOS sale 2011s/s
6. Langham Place, HK 2007s/s
7. Yenchi (Viv West) 2010a/w - sentimental
8. Kwun Tong Market, HK 2005s/s
9. Mother's Engagement Ring - sentimental
10. Earnest Jones 2009s/s - sentimental
11. TopMan 2011s/s
12. TopShop 2010a/w

Next up, although I have many necklaces some I often don't even wear, not only that but I also have a sensitivity on my skin (ear's and neck) but what the heck I thought I'd bring a few necklaces back with me to wear on occasion anyway!
1. TopMan 2011s/s
2. Korea Forev 21 2010s/s
3. Sum Shui Po, HK 2009s/s
4. Korea Forev 21 2010s/s
Again, with my simple jewellery are my bracelets. The simpler the easier they are to match different outfits.
1. Korea Dundaemun 2010s/s
2. GMarket 2011s/s
2a. Bicester Vill Viv West Charm 2011s/s
3. Links 2011s/s
4. This one's so old I cant remember sorry
5. Links 2011s/s

Although I like putting lots of holes in my ears I'm too lazy to keep changing and like my jewellery in not only odds, but simple. So I brought a couple all time favourites back to swap and change my bottom lobe with :)
1. TopShop 2011a/w
2. J.Lewis Armani 2005a/w
3. H&M 2011s/s

Lastly, tampons are one thing that are sparse in stock within Hong Kong, not only that but they're rather expensive (in comparison to Britain) So these were a must have within my suitcase whether I'm here for a short holiday or long-term!

Whether you're packing for a short/ long holiday / migrating / abroad or to uni, even staying at home what you decide to keep or take is down to knowing yourself and your own routine and what works best for you.

all the best x

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


How much in this world is true?

How much is a dream?

I'm a fan major fan of spontaneous behaviour but sometimes life can really smack you in the face and give you all kind of things that you're not only unprepared for but will literally shake up your whole life. Natural disasters, man made disasters, unpredictable events, they really can take you through a whole roller coaster of emotions.

To be as safe as you can there are things that you always plan for and predict but sometimes there are just the moments that you're thrown into the deep end and you just have to deal with it.

start kicking those legs because no-one else will save you but you.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Clown's Faces

As an apology I've compiled several FOTD's I had lined up for you guys, some looks I've been sporting this summer season :)

This look is the one from the day out with my friend Jenny, you can see her Vlog of the day here
This look comprises of thick liner, 'bare' lids and a statement colour under the eyes (I chose white) you can switch up as you wish, I feel it makes the eyes look slightly bigger, personally I feel this is more suited for casual / party looks.

This look was sported on a casual shopping trip, also seen on my latest OOTD post here
to create this look, use earthy/taupe toned colours, tone down on the liner (I just used shadow on the lashline to thicken the lashes and smoke it out a little). I've also applied demi lashes UNDER the lashes - this hides the lash strip and gives a more natural effect to using falsies, I've been sporting this a lot lately, as this look is toned down it's highly suitable for daytime casual and formal events, finish the face with bronzer as a contour and/or a peachy blush.
This look was worn to a coffee shop meet up with some old college friends, it's highly toned down so you're more than welcome to wear it for a daytime casual or formal event.
Lightly wash a mossy green colour onto the lids and contour the eye slightly with a darker brown shade, finish the bottom lash line with the mossy green on the outer 2/3 and touch the darker brown under the lashes, use a light shade in the inner corners, apply falsies and thinly line the eyes.
The summer child, I wore this when we took a trip to the park for sunbathing. When you're spending long hours in the sun the last thing you want your face is to feel cakey and over-done.
By using copper, bronze and golden tones on the eyes it'll nicely draw out your eyes ever so slightly whilst complimenting the tones of your tan. Add a slight eye liner on the outer half of the upper lid and use a shadow to fade towards the inner corner of the eye, rest of the face is left blank for natural tan to show through, remember spf lip balm on your lips, you don't want them drying out and chapping now!

That's all for now! I hope you've enjoyed the scorching weather and if you're stuck indoors like me avoiding the rain.. What are you doing? GO OUT THERE AND PLAY IN THE PUDDLES!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Not Fall Yet.

I apologise for my spadroic posting, I promise I'll get into a routine soon, I'm getting into a habit of having many different topics and goodies to share with you but little time to put my full effort into it. For now here's one of my little OOTD's