Wednesday, 29 February 2012

I bet you shower naked, slut.

Wording and interpretation. Todays topic.

It's truly bewildering this thing called language and communication how what is being communicated can be changed in just a change of tone of voice or emphasis on different words heck, even choice of words.

"I never said she stole my wallet"

You see, by stressing different words of this statement alone can give it about 7 different meanings together. Alongside with an over used term of "Will you marry me" or "I love you"can be drastically changed by saying something 'off topic' like "I want to grow old with you"

Communication, what's being communicated, what's between the lines, what's being interpreted. We find ourselves constantly trying to analyse and pull apart what one another are truly saying, maybe even twisting words to manipulate others. I bet a lot of you may even think what's the point of me typing this, what are my motives - like usual it's just something to think about.

On a lighter note, a leap year day has just been, it comes only once every four years so I hope you all spent it wisely!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

love is

That's a funny little concept - love.
It's in the media everyday what we see, what we hear, everyone around us, is based around 'love'.

We find ourselves spending a lifetime finding such love and keeping it, hunting for such a perfect love that we see in the movies. But, the thing about it is that as we grow older, the more we realise that we know so little about 'love', all these 'rules' and 'steps' slowly begin to deteriorate and mean nothing. It is only when we learn more about ourselves, and about each other, is when we find this funny thing we call 'love', that you end up defining your own little 'rules' and 'steps' in which begin to make it that something special - which people go on to make more movies, songs and stories about.

They say you should not loose the moon while you're busy counting the stars. So here's to letting go of all the ideals in your head and learning more about yourself, and others.

here's to learning to love

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

February 14th.

So.. As we all know, or rather here is a reminder, that the overly commercialised holiday is just around the corner. Over commercialised as I don't see a real need to set aside a date to show your other half how much they mean to you.

Moving on from the negativity, I've been asked to blog about my ideal valentines/date. This question has been pondering around for a long time from people asking me where to take or what to do with their dates. Now I am no expert on this matter, neither am I aware who you or your date to be is for that matter to give any informed ideas... But for 'special' dates likes these all I can give for this is to say, lets be honest these dates are more than often for the girls - now I'm not saying guys don't appreciate large expressions of love, it's just that it's more of a girl thing.

In which, all I have to say is that 'cheesy' and acts of chivalry (no matter how much she says it's cringy) are loved by all girls... As long as it's from the person she likes - if not than it remains cringy. So if it's gifts you're after the safe option is to go for the typical flowers, chocolates and other gifts - however there are bonus points for taking the typical and adding your own spin to it (which would make you more memorable too).

On to the date itself - the usual dinner and movies, maybe try somewhere nicer than the usual and if you insist on going somewhere - go somewhere away from the usual, somewhere with an amazing view, somewhere you like to go to escape from everything. I can't stress enough that it's not about where you go but the company that you're with that makes all the difference.

Lastly, Valentines does not necessarily mean that you are limited to spending it with your partner, 'loved ones' span into friends and family too, and lets not forget yourself.

I hope you all enjoy this 14th day of the second month.

love k x

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Ok well its only two, but these have run on for a little while now which I picked up as I had to quickly get ready for work... So here it goes!

Powder liner.

Reason being is that the powder on a liner brush gets right into the gaps between the lashes and it only takes a few dabs and it works like a charm! Even more so the powder barely budges during the day. Other benefits of this is that the line will be thinner making your lashes seem longer!

Jill Stuart Mascara

Since being in Hong Kong I've been using my Jill stuart surprisingly more than my Mojolica Majorca purely because it does exactly the same effect but washes off in hot water like a charm!! No more scrubbing!!

Sorry this is a quick post! I'm typing in a rush I hope I've got it all down!

Love k x