Saturday, 28 March 2015

Public Ettiquette

On the streets, people always recognise these as issues but sometimes unwritten rules just need to be voiced and recognised for there to be a little change, I'm sure you wouldn't like the other side of the bench, sit tight, or make yourself a cuppa this may be a long one.

I'll begin with the presumably most basic and most common thing that you would do in a public space, travelling A to B by foot. Pathways are two way streets, keep right to avoid collision not the centre, the centre is like lane hogging (drivers will understand), as the probability for going into a head on head crash course with the opposing traffic it's known as the 'overtaking' lane, simples. Which brings me into the next point, bearing in mind that you don't have eyes on the back of your head it's understandable that you are unaware of someone behind you trying to get past, now that this is in your head please keep zig zag walking and swaying from side to side at a tolerable level, otherwise it's unnecessary and you're causing a nuisance to the individual(s) behind trying to pass you. Speaking of which, leads me into stopping, abrupt stopping especially, when you stop the flow on a public walkway you are causing human traffic jams, there is no reason nor excuse for doing so, if you're expecting to stop for whatever reason, please do so out of the way of other people - the side of the walkway for example, places to avoid stopping would be, turnings, junctions, immediately before and/or after an escalator. Now I've already touched upon having eyes on the back of your head, could you kindly keep the two eyes that you have on the front of your head to look at where you're going? I'm sure you wouldn't like that shiny scratch less smartphone on the floor, too many people have turned into zombies on the street, no I'm sorry Facebook will not tell you that you're about to walk into a lamp post. Finally, the elderly and disabled, I don't know what goes through people's minds when they think that it is ok to be rude to 'obstacles' such as the elderly and the disabled, I understand that it is an inconvenience; but haven't you thought that it is annoying to them too? How they would long to be as amble as yourself? If you are an elderly or less able individual, it would also be highly appreciated if you would be more aware of your (in)abilities too.

You've probably already caught on by the title where this is leading to, however it still needs to be covered. If you found the above an issue, imagine if this was doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled, sextupled, septupled, octupled, need I go on? A traveller's worse nightmare springs to mind. So when you set out for your voyage as a group, please do not take up the whole sidewalk, because you're no longer one body it does not mean you've suddenly become siamese siblings with your party, other people are walking down the same street as you please be considerate of this - this goes for waiting around for other party members and finding a suitable 'collection point'. Speaking of large parties, nobody likes a party-pooper either, if you see a group having a pilgrimage together please don't break them apart, you may find the part infront stopping and waiting for those lost behind causing yourself a greater issue. Multiplication does not necessarily need to refer to travelling parties, this stands for those of you travelling with large objects, suitcases, large bags and trollies for example. In a situation where you find yourself carrying these with you please be aware your travelling mass has increased in which you are no longer as agile to squeeze through tight spaces within highly populated streets, please do not forsake such articles in the centre of a walkway as it abruptly becomes an obstacle to traffic upon that pathway.

When the heavens fall.
Speaking of travelling with objects, one of the greatest pet peeve would be the parasol. I'm pretty sure by now you'd be aware of the uses of such inventions however whilst in a public space, some lack thought or consideration for others to selfishly avoid discomfort. Whilst holding an umbrella in highly populated streets please be aware of the height in which you are holding the umbrella, you see the little metal spikes that stick out of the edge of the entire circumference, that can potentially blind someone - what if it was you being blinded? Just saying. Speaking of height, keeping a nice distance would be nice too, you're using an umbrella to keep yourself dry, so is everybody else around you so please allow room between one another for water to run off the contraption down to the floor and not down someone else's side or back (yes gravity makes things travel downwards, the water doesn't disappear once they come into contact with the umbrella). Which reminds me to briefly allows me to touch on the topic of umbrella sharing, if you are the holder of the umbrella please ensure that all members under the umbrella are sheltered properly not yourself and half of another. Products are designed with form and purpose, where there is an abundant range of parasols for different occasions - shapes and sizes included. Now small person wouldn't usually wear XXXL jeans, so why, why would one person need an umbrella that could shelter an entire family? The umbrella size accounts to your complete body mass whilst travelling not just your upper half. Additionally, you wouldn't seat 4 people in a 2 seater car, so why are you all huddled under the poor thing, clutching on for your dear lives. Cutting to the point, please choose the correct tool for the job. On the topics of tools and purpose, it is logical that when a tool no longer has a purpose it is no longer required, therefore, you shouldn't require an umbrella to be erect under sheltered areas.

- pushing into queues  making new ques
- personal space - standing too close / next to you,

Public Transportation
- waiting for people to get off - if you dont let them off, how do you think you'll get on, prepare to exit on approach
- music too loud, not everyone shares your taste in music
- talking too loudly - personal conversations
- smelly food
- illnesses, cover your mouth and face away from everyone else when coughing and sneezing before the carriage becomes and infectious swarm of disease (excuse the exaggeration) especially in a confined area without proper air ventilation, think of it like blowing second hand smoke directly in someones face, it's not nice (even smokers hate it)

By this I don't particularly mean hold your breath in public, however there are times in which there are are gases that are exhaled from your orifices that wouldn't be pleasant within populated areas. To begin I shall highlight a circumstance in which the individual would do out of conscious decision, smoking. Because you've chosen to taken in the toxic substance please note that people surrounding you haven't made that choice and are forced to breathe in your second hand smoke downwind; be nice and exhale somewhere people aren't located. Other forms of unpleasant exhaling would be coughing and sneezing, I know you can't help it, if completely necessary to do it within a populated location - please cover your mouth. I don't believe I need to explain more about farting, we don't need to smell the result of what your body has transformed your consumption into.


Finally, a little consideration and a simple sorry or an excuse me will pardon any misconceptions. Additionally, if you're receiving and apology or are asking to be excused, acknowledge it gracefully. Bearing this in mind there is no need to publicly humiliate one another or cause a scene over any lack of understanding, this means that one shouldn't expect etiquette from another because at the end of the day there's not reason why one person should have authority over another, this isn't about status, class or education, this is just mutual respect for one another.

Sorry, please excuse me, thank you.

What would make your street experience more of a pleasant one?