Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Book Covers

It's funny how people say don't judge a book by it's cover, yet when you meet someone for the first time what you portray yourself to be largely effects the conversations that follow. There are a few characteristics, however that people see as negative aspects that I for one do not comprehend.

Quite a large population of people frown upon smokers, of course I understand you don't like the smell but that doesn't necessarily mean that a smoker is a bad person. Yes, they maybe damaging their own health and by smoking around you it can cause damage to yours too however the act of smoking does not in any way mean that they are a bad person, even in my short life I have seen different people from different backgrounds in professions across the board smoking, there is no link to what 'type' of person has this habit.

Because someone has some ink beneath their skin, automatically the character is a reckless rebel without a cause. Once again frowned upon by society, yet there's only one thing I can say to this subject as one person having a tattoo does not in any way effect any other person and the difference between an inked person and someone who isn't inked is that someone with tattoo's doesn't care whether you have one or not.

Now there are many different kinds of alcohol in this world, beers, spirits and wines, and they are used for a range of purposes. How could you downright pinpoint and judge someone for enjoying a beverage? Will anyone judge you for drinking water?

Party go-ers
Somehow these people are often associated with being drunks, players, young and unstable. People go out for many reasons and they aren't all to have a night they wont remember. A club just offers an environment for people to meet one another and enjoy themselves, what you take from that is down to character themselves.

All I have to say about these main issues is that your general perception on these groups of people, or your experience with one individual from these characters does not have a direct correlation to another. They are all people, they are individuals.

dont judge a book by its cover.

k x

I'm not promoting these things, I'm just simply saying that they don't mean that an individual is necessarily a 'bad person'. Please know your limits and take care.