Sunday, 30 January 2011

who needs gloves

You may or may not have seen these around, but lately in this weather I've been clutching this with my life! They have better models where you can use it as a spare battery but I like to keep my electronics separate! I digress, this wonderful contraption is a hand warmer, yes yes! Batteries warm up the metal plate (the bit that has the GP on it), it also has two levels of warmth but me and my deathly cold hands keep it on 2 :) I thought I'd share this amazing invention with you x

Three Elves

THIRD HAUL - damn they must love my money
Talk is cheap on this: just a second stock of the studio concealer and birthday suit stain
Studio : Lipstain Bombshell and Heartbreaker
Initial thoughts? Isn't heartbreaker a reddy colour? On top of that isn't bombshell peach? NOT WHAT I GOT! I suppose I can deal with some more nudeys... Pre-warning! Before you buy these they don't stain too well but the colours were gorgeous before so I wanted to try more.

I promised swatches of the first haul when I got them but I never got round to it but here are all four colours I have!
Top Left: Heartbreaker
Top Right: Bombshell
Bottom Left: First Date
Bottom Right: Birthday Suit
The bottom two are still my faves
Custom Lips - peaches
This is nice and creamy, not too pigmented, I haven't tried it on the lips yet but again it's less "reddy" than I thought it'd be..
yet another nudey
Lipstick in Seductive
I was hoping this would be a good dupe for my M.A.C Giddy as I can't find it in the uk :( - I got it from Korea...
Top : E.L.F
Bottom : M.A.C
they're pretty similar! One's more rosey that the other...
Studio : Cream Liner - Gun Metal
My friend tried this first in black and WOW it didn't budge! Whilst I still have my M.A.C blacktrack I went for gunmetal instead:
unfortunately this did smudge a bit (top) - hey it can be a good sign! (smokey eyes!)
Studio Kabuki Brush
After having my mineral kabuki being a dud, I opted for the studio range brush (YES. I LIKE ELF BRUSHES), no problems with this one!
Studio Mist & Fix
Haven't tried this yet; but I'm looking to compare it with the M.A.C fix+!



My second Elf Haul....lets begin!
This came free (I think it's because it was delivered late due to the snowy weather - it took about a month compared to their usual day or two shipping time) ... I can't really find it on the site
Here's the swatches:
The colours are nice, neutral enough for everyday make-up, the shadow itself is really pigmented and easy to apply but beware of some fallout!

I think this is the normal range liquid eyeliner (this is why I should post when I get things!)
This I don't recommend, it's liquid alright! enough to not even stay and dry, it smudges easily and the colour doesn't come out so well as well as stripping off the eye shadow you've already applied. Originally I got this because I was a little tired of gel liner and thought I'd crack out liquid liner again to give a POW to my liner (gel liner's softer) back to the drug store!

Studio : Small Smudge Brush
My feelings about this one is soso; reason being is I'd hoped for more of a small stiff dome brush but this one is soft as! More like a mini soft blending brush, I guess I bagged me another eye liner brush!

Mineral : 4 Piece Bamboo Brush Set
First impressions: OMG THIS IS TINY (good and bad) - I'll go into detail later... sorry the brushes are a tad dirty, I hadn't gotten round to cleaning them yet but into the brushes themselves:
Beautifully soft bristles and does the job smoothly sometimes it blends a little too much but whos complaining?
Too small!! It's adorable, but the handles too small with the bristles that soft it does less buffing more sweeping
Complexion Brush
Gorgeously smooth, picks up enough powder (I use this with complexion perfection), the nice thing about this is that it nicely applies the powder as well as blending it out so you won't get too cakey
Concealer Brush
I apply my concealer with my ring finger so... I haven't actually used this yet / found a need for it!
Mod Mauve Nail Polish
Haven't gotten round to wearing this either but I'm having second thoughts about it already now that it's spring and I'm going out with the dull and rocking colourful nails!

go me for actually reviewing things! I told you I'd spoil you when I get the time!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011



Tuesday, 25 January 2011


sorry I've not posted lately...

syke! Just the 'ol mediocre slave to the industry

Will be back after tea
As the old butchers would say

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Designer Hocus Pocus

Language. Culture. Communication. Technology.

This is the core of what we are, to take in these ever changing factors and manipulating them for new means. To which are excersized not only in our work but all the time.

It is what we are.


Text. Cannot project emotion

BODYCOPY* will not express emotion, this is read from your own mind.
now am I really angry?

why's it all blue?

After meeting someone everyone has an idea in their head what kind of person they are; if it's a neutral level this perception can be easily changed over time.

If its greatly positive than even slight negative points would mean nothind, vise versa for those with highly negative perceptions. This is known as looking at someone through a coloured lens; now depending on how stubborn your natural character is and your level of bias, this isn't likly to change no matter what he/she does say/do.

Regardless of this, you should not impose these perceptions on other people let alone the person in question - unless you have a valid point to put across. These are your personal opinions brought up from your own conclusions, you should consider if you are being fair by being so biased towards them. If you've taken the care to build up such strong emotions; have you taken the care to step back and assess everything, which isn't just laid infront of you.

Before you judge, take a look at the other layers

Monday, 17 January 2011

I'll just... leave this here.

photo credits to inspiremenow

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Get over yourself.

photo credits to Miss Vo
For some reason some people have it in their head that if you're not their friend on Facebook, it means there is no friendship at all on the grounds of:

Am I not good enough for you to show to the world?

Purely on that fact they go in a paddy fit thinking that you think you're above them. No love, if you weren't good enough to be shown to the world I wouldn't be caught dead conversing with you. There's just no point having you readily available to snoop around all my crap all the time only for me to speak to you next and you know everything about me WOAH. Stalker much? I'm sure everyone knows more people out of Facebook, you don't need to be IN it to BE it. By not being on someones page it doesn't mean they don't care about / like you; there's just no reason for you to be a 'number' on their page when you don't even talk anyway.

Shut up and sit down.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Phone Linguo.

Rings Barely once.
I'm cheap, it's not important enough for me to pay.

Phones once.
Important to report but not urgent.

Phones twice.
OK it's kinda urgent.

Phones thrice.

Phones 4-6 times

Phones 7+
OK.. now I'm worried about YOU. are ya dead?

JQT Peekaboo 1/3

Min Jung
UD smog to crease and blend, pencil liner and smudge top and bottom, liquid liner top extend bottom out. Use qtip with makeup remover to correct, use tape as guide if needed. Bronzer in hollows, peach lips.

GaJin & Minsun Coming soon x

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

You've got a choice of b, b, b, or.. b.

Seems like some I-shall-not-name social site have been updating recently originally giving us a choice to stay on the older version or update to their new template, this isn't my issue.

Regardless if you chose to update or stay on the old version you're now being updated to the new version. SO WHERE IS THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE YOU GAVE ME TO BEGIN WITH?


I whip my

Ok, I keep getting asked about my bangs/fringe. SO HERE'S HOW IT'S DONE:

Prewarning: before you read on - your electronic device used to see this will explode 10 seconds of you completing this text.

Elvis has left the building.

Birds and Bees.

With Christmas and New Year just behind us, it seems like people are talking alot about Valentines nowadays...


I get it, it's next month but it's a whole 33 days away. The main point of this topic is suppose is how people let this ideology of relationships really take the better of them.

Life. Isn't all about relationships...

I wonder what people will be planning on next after Vday... EASTER?

some people call it pay for sex day ya'know!

Sunday, 9 January 2011


I'd noticed that I usually do a thick liner to which do my short straight stubby lashes no justice, so I decided to swap up the harsh liners and use shadows to replace them. Here's the outcome:

UD Naked
Virgin (base)
Sin (lid, tearduct)
Gunmetal (crease)
Creep (outer v)

Shiseido MM mascara

Oh, hello lashes.

Saturday, 8 January 2011


It's abit funny that women are traditionally to be in the kitchen... But contemporarily they're seen more in customer relations in restaurants than seen in the kitchen cooking anything, I guess this relates more to my generation and younger than any other...

"Ahh that knife's so sharp"
"You want me to take my polish off?"
"The wok's too heavy"
Oil splashes

the stereotype's a little juxtaposed

just a random observation

Self Tanning

LOL I look ridiculous! This is how I sculpt my face... Rules apply differently for different face shapes, this just works best with me and my cheeks.

Simple "Natural" Eye

ok yes I was a goon and took the pictures before mascara so there's a with and without for you :) - Yes I'm also a total noob at mascara and got it all over the bottom lid I took a pic AGAIN before I q-tip'd it away... Then I had to leave so... You're stuck with this!

Anyway, I've kinda been drawn to minimal looking makeup recently so all I've really done is use a flesh tone on the lid, a bronze on the outer v and lower lash, shimmery white on the inner ducts, gel liner and mascara.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


don't you love photoshop?
We all hear about grannie pants for girls for body shaping, holding in all your cellulite ad so forth, now men can keep in their moobs and beer bellies with body sculpt t-shirts from stores like ASDA, M&S even online :)
well, guys care abut their appearance too

His tastebuds

cheung fun. the way daddy likes it
off the cart. every sauce but peanut and chilli
the way it used to be

I'm pretty sure you don't care what this says

Social network sites have become the backbone, dare I say bane of life. These new options to share giving the ability to exploit even their smallest and thoughtless ramblings (just like this one here)
I'm having a cup of tea.
Digestion, whereabouts. This need to let the world know your every move, every tiny detail of your existence. I'm sure you don't need everyone to see where you've been, what's now in your stomach, what you're doing, what you brought... Some I must say are entertaining, yet others just seem so pointless, and attention seeking, frankly open to stalker like characters.
I'm going to sit on the toilet while you digest this.
I'm sure if your friends knew you well enough they know what you'd be eating / doing / going? The ability to share doesn't express the necessity to share.. surely you want to keep something to yourself? Your own personal identity? If everything's on a plate, why would anyone want to spend the time getting to know you? What's the fun in that...
I got a new spot.
now i bet that's something you wont see.

I'm a hypocrite

Something struck me recently about all this gift malarkey; someone doesn't need to give you something that's priced greatly to express their love for you, or for you to express how much you love yourself. Material goods are momentary happinesses.

Something with an exchange value, however, will be kept with them forever. They say you can't bring material goods with you into the next life and they will come in and out of your life as it goes on. Memories, and achievements last with you for a lifetime and even beyond.

wealth is of the heart and mind, not of the wallet
but we all like nice things - you only live once right?

Monday, 3 January 2011

when I say THINK OF TREES, I mean imagine grass

Communication, seems easy right? you open your mouth and make a few sounds, scribble down a few markings.
But it's not that easy anymore. You say one thing, and they may interpret another. You want to say things but your head tells you otherwise. You hint things hoping they'd understand but it doesn't compute. You tell them straight and you're mellow dramatic.
it's frustrating.

Eye Candy

??? In Blue
Brought in Korea

??? In Grey
Brought in Korea
Shamefully I don't remember the brand or style, however I love these as they're subtle so they will match most makeup looks and will suit both formal and casual outlooks.

GEO Angel in Brown
Brought in Korea
Initially I'd brought these in Hong Kong 100HKD and I'd loved them so much I went out to get another pair in Korea 20,000WON surprisingly to me it was more expensive, but I liked them enough to buy them again.

Puffy 3 Tone in Pink? - supposed to be pink it looks brown

Puffy 3 Tone in Green

Princess Nudy in Hazel
This style looks real similar to the GEO ANGELS.... hm.. we'll see

Kira Kira in Grey

When I get round to trying them I'll give proper reviews, I don't want to open them all as yet as it'll waste them but when I get round to getting them in I'll upload images

Note : Be sure to check the expected lifetime of the contacts, do not expect them to all last this period, once they feel uncomfortable or even if they've started to rip BIN THEM IMMEDIATELY.
Disclaimer, your eyes are not to be played with, if you want to wear contacts make sure you deal with them hygienically and safely both before, during, and after wear. You eyes may become dry, tired, infected, it can even cause blindness when not cared for properly.

Travel MakeUp Organiser

So I've been away from Uni lately and I've had to "pack" to come home temporarily, as there's limited space to put my things I thought I'd update you on my travel makeup organiser. The handy thing about it is that there are separate compartments to store different items, loops to help store brushes, liners, mascaras and so forth...
so.. yeah

Birds don't have lips

But if they did I'm sure they'll use these!
Lemon Drop with SPF 15.
I haven't yet noticed anything with the SPF factor for improvements but as you can tell I've barely used this, the smell is amazing - I almost want to eat it, but I do find this a little greasy, and every time I've used this I've found my lips to crack afterwards, which has put me off touching this.
Summer Fruit
This one, hasn't got that great or a smell as the Lemon Drop nor does it make you want to eat it, but application is smoother and less greasy, good for use before applying makeup or on it's own. Comparable to the Lemon Drop this hasn't caused any lip problems for me but arguably the results are just as good as vaseline just without the addiction! This little one in it's not so glamourously used form has landed itself by my side all day everyday x