Thursday, 28 October 2010


If you saw something on the road, like slap bang in the middle of the road and you had nowhere to go as someone's parked on the other side and already assisting them? Sit? Stare? Help? Be the coward. Drive away. Enjoy your sleepless night. And mess up your next day. There's no use regretting now, because once you looked away there was no going back.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Would you please?

For my oyster Card

Even santa love's his E.L.F's

sorry for the bad pun
So recently I went in and collected my first E.L.F haul after a long awaited stock up in Lip Stains unfortunately by the time they stocked up (as well as most of everything I wanted) the blending brush sold out :( but here they are! Additionally with my initial thoughts

Studio Lip Liner : Natural
Glides on beautifully, enough pigmentation however as the colour states, on my lips it practically looks the same colour "natural" after blending there's not difference either.. maybe another colour next time!

Studio Complexion Perfection
After My first trial with a clean face there was only a slight variation to my dark circles and redness however it seemed to work better on top of some concealer, I haven't tried it yet but I believe it'll work better on top of foundation or so, baring in mind that it's in powder form so coverage wont be as high as cream concealers

Studio Warm Bronzer
Pigmented enough for contouring, finely milled for easy non patchy application, colours are gorgeously natural like other bloggers have mentioned could be used as eye shadows

Studio Golden Bronzer
Lighter than the warm bronzer which is good for buildable application, again individual colours are pigmented enough to be subs for shadows

Studio Smudge Brush
Haven't gotten round to trying this yet however for a smudge brush it's alot softer than I'd initially thought it'd be as pencil / smudge brushes in my experience have been quite dense never know! This may just surprise me

Studio Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter : Glow / Medium
First thoughts on this was ACK! IT'S TOO DARK for my skin! But after application and blending the coverage is sufficient without being too cakey / dry looking under the eyes. As for the highlighter I can see why people compare it to the benefit Highbeam the texture is practucally identical but as a highlighter however it is as great as the Highbeam in my opinion... it doesn't bring light to the face as well albeit the lighter colour

Studio Lip Stain : First Date
Studio Lip Stain : Birthday Suit
I thought I'd write both together as they're the same product, they don't work too well as the lip stain however I found more stain power in the Birthday Suit as it's more pigmented and an overall more dense colour, however the birthday suit is a better colour, applying lip balm before application does level out the drying of the stain on your lips, however they do work better as lipglosses without the gloss (brownie points for me as I already have rather "plump" lips)

That's all for now! Swatches etc soon x
NB: these products were brought by myself I'm not affiliated with the brand or any of their partners
NNB: I'm no make-up guru nor do I think or plan to be