Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Clown's Faces

As an apology I've compiled several FOTD's I had lined up for you guys, some looks I've been sporting this summer season :)

This look is the one from the day out with my friend Jenny, you can see her Vlog of the day here
This look comprises of thick liner, 'bare' lids and a statement colour under the eyes (I chose white) you can switch up as you wish, I feel it makes the eyes look slightly bigger, personally I feel this is more suited for casual / party looks.

This look was sported on a casual shopping trip, also seen on my latest OOTD post here
to create this look, use earthy/taupe toned colours, tone down on the liner (I just used shadow on the lashline to thicken the lashes and smoke it out a little). I've also applied demi lashes UNDER the lashes - this hides the lash strip and gives a more natural effect to using falsies, I've been sporting this a lot lately, as this look is toned down it's highly suitable for daytime casual and formal events, finish the face with bronzer as a contour and/or a peachy blush.
This look was worn to a coffee shop meet up with some old college friends, it's highly toned down so you're more than welcome to wear it for a daytime casual or formal event.
Lightly wash a mossy green colour onto the lids and contour the eye slightly with a darker brown shade, finish the bottom lash line with the mossy green on the outer 2/3 and touch the darker brown under the lashes, use a light shade in the inner corners, apply falsies and thinly line the eyes.
The summer child, I wore this when we took a trip to the park for sunbathing. When you're spending long hours in the sun the last thing you want your face is to feel cakey and over-done.
By using copper, bronze and golden tones on the eyes it'll nicely draw out your eyes ever so slightly whilst complimenting the tones of your tan. Add a slight eye liner on the outer half of the upper lid and use a shadow to fade towards the inner corner of the eye, rest of the face is left blank for natural tan to show through, remember spf lip balm on your lips, you don't want them drying out and chapping now!

That's all for now! I hope you've enjoyed the scorching weather and if you're stuck indoors like me avoiding the rain.. What are you doing? GO OUT THERE AND PLAY IN THE PUDDLES!

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