Wednesday, 12 October 2011

HA-LO-WAI Ocean Park Halloween Special

Looking for something exciting to do this October? Well for you thrill seekers out there you ca always go to your local theme park! I'm not too confident to claim all theme parks but I know that back home Thorpe Park does a "freight night" event, whilst over here at both Ocean Park and Disneyland there's Halloween Specials. What happens in these events are that the theme parks are specially opened longer than the usual trading time in which you can have the experience of late night rides, additionally they open up a few more haunted houses.
Welcome to Ha-Lo-Wai!
We dressed up to go that extra mile for our evening out!
( Zombie makeup tips - apply foundation all over to remove any redness or colouration to your face, then get a dark muddy colour darker than your usual contour, and apply it generously your usual contoured areas, do make sure u slightly blend the edges to finish it neatly! Add fake blood etc if you want )
About the special event itself, the costumes were amazinggggg like you can tell they put way more effort in them in comparison to Thorpe Park, I couldn't take photos in the haunted houses but in some parts I was afraid to walk in, as the interior and makeup on the workers made it look and feel like I was walking into a horror movie. Scare factor was rather low, however the screams mainly came from shock, as people jump out at you from random areas of the mazes, but it is something I would defiantly recommend going to do at least once in a lifetime! After a couple it begins to get repetitive however the workers at the attraction made it that bit more entertaining, I heard that Ocean Park workers are more professional on that part whereas Disneyland runs out on steam but I haven't experienced it personally to say so.

Other than that Happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to create this blog via Ocean Park or any of their representatives, however if the people of Ocean Park would like to hire me as a zombie, or send some freebies my way I'd be more than happy to receive them (HEHEHE)

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