Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Re-vamping your gel liner

First thing's first I bet you're glad to know that I've not got a memory card for my camera again! So out with the macbook/iPhone photos and back to the clearer 'ish' quality haha! Unfortunately I've landed myself a fulltime job and I'm still adjusting to the time schedules and finding the right time to blog... I'm sneaking this into my lunchbreak as I type :) Aside from all that I digress from the main topic:

Are you tired of your Gel liners drying out and being a pain to apply even when you heat it on the back of your hand? I find this has happened with my MAC fluidline especially... Well there's an old trick with nail polishes when they get dry - to add a little remover in. I've done the same with my gel liner!

Notice how it's dry looking and rather rough - this has been on the back of my hand for a while and there's no sign of any smoother application. Hoever after I've just TOUCHED - you don't want to soak the brush otherwise the liner will become too light.

You can compare the top blog to the lower blob, see how it's alot more smoother and the colour is still just as potent? With this trick a little goes a long way. Additionally I do this per application as I'm not sure what the implications of mixing the while tub will be - be warned! This has made my mornings alot faster and easier. Just sharing!

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