Saturday, 29 May 2010


Lately; I've contracted conjunctivitis in my left eye, it's this eye infection that creates redness, irritation, and discharge (not the most pleasant of all things):

I picked the "nicest" and most similar one to what I had (it can get really bad) so before you click here; I warn you, it may be upsetting to some.

The experience of it wasn't so bad I believe; but all the while the infection was contagious; so to avoid it getting worse and spreading I wore a patch on the eye (not like it wasn't being stuck together by the gunk anyway); THIS, this was the worst part, I felt disabled; with only one good eye, I was giving it as much attention as I could as it was in effect having to work twice as hard; I felt uneasy as I couldn't see half the things I would usually (hypothetically speaking), crossing roads having to physically turn my head both ways to see, unsure about my own body width then it comes to "blind spots" resulting in bumping into many a things. It's not only the inconvenience of only using one eye; but the insecurity that came with it too.

I guess as a result of it I became really sympathetic to people with disabilities; not only those of temporary nature but more a permanent nature... Loosing any senses I have now could break me; I find it really courageous of them to have the ability to pick themselves back up and carry on and work around the disability.

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