Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Spread those tail feathers

I'm "grown up now"
aging often scares me... I'm constantly tryna catch up to my age...
"a twenty one year old should be..."
able to fend for themselves
finance wise
shouldn't lead the parents to worry

I'm sitting here... currently in my 2nd from final year of my degree... the "adult" world seems so much closer than it ever was... soon i'll be buying my own house... plunging myself into more debt.. or maybe even moving abroad to work... them short flights before they were nothing compared to what's coming up and least to say... I'm kinda scared; and yeah at the same time I'm completely thrilled to give it a try...

Which rings me to my main topic. Eloping; it seems like everyone I know is going back to the mother ship; which in turn was the inevitable... But more and more people I know are doing it, and I guess it all seems weird and at some point in the future I'm half prepared to jump on board too it's weird when you look back and it seems time's gone so fast

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