Tuesday, 28 September 2010

warning contains contents of nudity

Pan porn time! Makeup that I endlessly use>

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
I remember the first time using this was in something like 2007? 3 years down and I don't believe I've touched anything else to use as a base mascara since! (I'll get onto that in another post) but it's amazing beautifully separates lashes coats and lengthens!

Imju Fiberwig
Another Mascara, again started using this in 2007 but it varies as a top coat, this leaves a more natural lash finish as the fibers are quite fine better for a day look than a night look me thinks!
Ping Pong Hawaiian Puff Bronzer
Supposed to be a body bronzer but I only use it on my face and neck, it's light enough to be buildable but enough to feel like you've got some colour in your face with a more redder tint than a muddy tint making your skin look more sun-kissed as opposed to just contoured

Mac Blot Pressed Powder in Med Dark
Ok, I'm not that crazy I probably wont finish something when it looks like this, it's so clean because I dropped it once and the powder just shattered on me :( but I loved this! albeit sometimes it did make my skin look a wee bit cakey but it did wonders when i felt icky and greasy works better as a finishing powder too as the blot powder soaks in any unwanted oils from the foundations
Sleek Palette in Storm
Initially I brought this as the Graphite range had run out but at the same time I loved the neutral tones and as you can see, I went to town with this palette! It was amazing for both day and night looks, it's compact enough to be my on-the-go makeup! Up until a few weeks ago this is probably the first palette I reach to doing my make-up I love it, surprisingly more than my graphite palette! I did drop this though making the black shadow get everywhere :( If it means anything I wet out and purchased another one of these for backups now!

nb: I'm not a makeup guru nor do I think I am // These are just my outlook on these products

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