Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Can you see the end?

How can you when no matter how far you think you've come you're still at the beginning

It's funny how life brings you through problem after problem, you'll have moments of peace; how individuals pick and choose who they want beside them and who they want to cast aside which leads fickle minds to cause what we call "drama". We just love that stuff don't we, spinning words, making someone feel lower, building others up, singling people out, this could also be put down as "pride" so:

Drama + Pride = :)
it also means one very :(
the more :) = closer to the "end"

But you're never satisfied because the "end" isn't measured by how :) you are... so you're constantly chasing this "end" and making more and more people :( to make yourself :)'ier

tell me how it feels on top of all the people you've pushed down? happy with yourself? happiness is an emotion not a destination

So I say .. fuck the end