Friday, 19 November 2010

Perfect Imperfections

Ok. I'm taking this over from YouTube to the blogverse;
Reason being, it's too sweet to ignore. Everyday people are being built / given these persona's and I guess this is a real nice way of them bringing themselves back down and going, hey! I've got problems too! Anyway down to the dirt (if requested pictures may follow):

3 Things I Hate but not enough to change
My teeth.
They're all crooked and I only have myself to blame, they were crooked in the first place because I was too chicken to pull my baby teeth out as a child so my adult teeth came through crooked as they were still in the way. Then came the train tracks and I couldn't be happier they were all nice and straight! Until mr. Retainer came along and didn't hold them in place - the only thing it was good for was giving me a horrid saliva infested lisp! (gorgeous I know) well one day I go and loose said retainer, and the teeth went a little crooked again - so moral of the story? PULL YOUR BABY TEETH OUT KIDS AND WEAR YOUR RETAINERS TEENS!
My teeth are also slightly yellow - in my opinion anyway DON'T TRUST PICTURES FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY CAN BE MISLEADING any who yes they're they're a smidgen yellow but that don't bother me....yet. So yeah I get by, by trying not to show teeth in photos, no-ones commented on them negatively to my face - yet!
My Lips.
Ok not a huge deal about these, I don't like how "full" they are and they "attention" I get/got form them... "The BJ lip girl" great... I'm always envious of those with slimmer lips even though everyone says big lips are a good thing... but I just find that they're amazingly out of proportion with the rest of my face (my eyes being so small and my bridge-less nose). Second of all about them is their shape, the bottom lip is just a lil full to the point where they sort of curve out at the edges, I find myself concealing them out just so the shape looks better, but it's not like I'm gonna get lypo on my lips anytime soon... I got my lips from my mumma =]
My Nose.
Or shall I say the nose I don't have... another thing that people used to be so fascinated by when I was small was how I didn't have a nose, when I say that it's like a cartoon like button nose... My bridge is almost non existent, I cant wear glasses / Sunglasses because they slip right off, I spend HOURS in a store trying on everything to find one that even closely fits without slipping off my face, I don't plan on slicing my ear to give me a bridge, heck I didn't let them touch my ear to fix my infected piercing! I just get around it by contouring my nose to fake shadows of a bridge shh! ;]

Any how, as I said I'm content with my imperfections I don't plan on changing them, these selected one's are probably the ones that bother me the most not because people brought it out to me I guess because they're the ones with the least done to change, I cant list more otherwise I'd have a whole field trip of imperfections to share with you! Anyway onto the lighter note:

3 Things I Love but not obsess over
My Skin.
Unfortunately for me, this is another thing that the younger me could have ruined for life, and I'm still scarred by it. Anyway I have like an OCD with my skin / body, I don't like imperfections / impurities, once I feel a lump face / body / anywhere I will pick and pick and pick at it until I either stop myself or it feels smooth (worst case is on my back), anyway my face was drawn to a big victim of this, IF I can find an old photo of my it's just a scabby patchy face as I'd ripped into it so much my mum always warned me, then when the scars began to show I regretted picking at them but I had so many scars I was naive to think that if I did it to my whole face, I'd be one complexion again. Anyway onto the love side of this, I'm so so so so so so so fortunate that most of these scars have faded and my skin isn't as acne prone as other peoples and overall fairly clear *touch wood*
My Double Eyelids
Ok, so my eyes maybe small. But as least I have double lids to make them look bigger / rounder god forbid what I may look like if I had monos AND small eyes!
My Legs
Not like I like to get em out and flaunt them ALL THE TIME, but I like how they're nice / toned / smooth / proportioned

Wow. That was hard! Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this post and do one yourselves! x

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