Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Naked little elves

Hitting pan on a few of my E.L.F items;
Studio Warm Bronzer
Very similar to my Ping Pong bronzer, however with the option to break up the brick with highlight, and blush options should you wish to. Not for those who don't enjoy too much shimmer; I tend to use this largely for contouring purposes only - see my new haul for new contour kit that's matt! I'll leave you with a fail swatch:

Studio Complexion Perfection
I used this as a finish powder as opposed to a concealing powder as I found it worked better after applying a base / foundation, the colour however didn't work too well and I haven't seen it make a dramatic change to my skin in terms of evening out the colour.

Studio Lip Stain Birthday Suit
A beautiful pale pink colour that's wearable day to day, it is drying on the lips and I don't recommend applying to dry cracking lips, apply after some lip balm, and pat on some gloss after dried; the product will wipe off on swiping motions and does not last a long time, however the colour is amazing - I've already repurchased this one!

Studio Concealer & Highlighter
For the price, by far the best under eye concealer I've used yet in terms of the adapting colour, smooth application and ease of blending, as for the highlighter comparable to Benefit's Highbeam

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