Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Koji Vs Shu

The physical tools
(Shu in front, Koji behind) Handles are largely similar
(Shu left, Koji right) Shu's rounder which is better for those with more prominent sockets
(Shu left, Koji right) Koji has a curved rim which would be more ideal for those with rounder rims


Shu Uemera
I apologise my hand's spazzed out; I'll take them again when I have time
Koji definitely gets to almost all my lashes but has a harsher curl, whilst Shu's is softer and more natural looking

Overall I find them both better than the drug store curlers I used to use, as they nip my skin, do bare in mind that these are opinions from my own eye shape, they will differ for everyone; however both curlers are said to be designed to suit most eye shapes x

For comparison purposes both were used on the same eye with Majolica Majorca lash expander mascara

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