Sunday, 10 July 2011

taking care of your biggest organ

As I've done a small percentage of skincare I thought I'd finish up with how I take care of the rest of my skin!
For most skincare, hygiene plays an important part, I'm not too fussy with shower gels, I tend to pick up anything at the supermarket usually that of the Radox range, but my favourite shower gel is definitely that of original source in lime it just smells so.. edible! (not a reason why to choose a shower gel of course) but even with all these alleged moisturising shower gels there's no real way of measuring as I always moisturise afterwards: as long as it smells nice and leave me clean without any weird residue I'm smitten.

Exfoliation whilst showering; I've been using mittens/exfoliation pads for about 6 or so years now, just smothering your skin in shower gel will not make you clean. This is beginning to turn into showering 101 (which I'm sure you may not need). Any who, using exfoliation gloves buffing the skin in circular motions will remove dead skin and reduce the amount of ingrown hairs, leaving your softer and smoother.

In addition to the exfoliation gloves, on occasion, I use Soap and Glory's Flake Away packed with; Sea Salt which is known for removing dead skin and reducing ingrown hairs; shea butter and almond oil to dramatically moisturise the skin; along with other exfoliating moisturising skin goodies. I get a bit into my palms and massage these in a circular motion onto my legs until the particles become smaller and rinse off.

After a good towel dry I moisturise my skin with a body lotion, usually that of Dove or Johnson's I find that moisturising straight after showering/bathing is more effective than doing it later in time when the skin has already dried up and began shrivelling.

Additionally, I have a special moisturiser from Heel to Toe for my feet as they tend to be thicker and drier than the rest of the body. The lotion is thicker and creamier in texture with a silicone like feeling to it, out of all moisturisers I have to say; when I began using this I saw dramatic results in a couple days, my chapped heels were practically smooth.

When you think about it aside from your face, your hands and feet also undergo a lot of work through out the day and night, so why not pamper them that little bit further? After moisturising either of these I always cover them up with cotton socks to help retain the moisture then pop into bed, they may end up separated from my hands and feet by morning but they are dramatically smoother than what they will be like if I was without. This process is done all year round because I feel although heels and feet are on show a lot more during the summer seasons, skin tends to be drier in the winter seasoned and even though you can cover up your chapped heels there's no reason why they should be that way.

Finally, a quick touch into hair removal, I use an epilator. Reason being that shaving causes, in my opinion, coarse from stubble whereas epilated skin is alot smoother when hairs grow back, it's also required to be done less often, I also find that it is less painful than waxing - which can also damage the top layer of skin. The only downside to epilating that I've found is the minor trouble of ingrown hairs, which shouldn't be a problem if you exfoliate regularly and properly.

On a side note, I cant believe I hadn't noticed this before but for a while now there's been a dark patch in my pictures; I think my sensor's dirty so I'll try fix that asap! Until then I do apologise for the annoying dark splodge!

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