Friday, 8 July 2011

THE list

I don't think it's fair for just guys to have a "list" girls should have one too, inspired by jennamarble's video I've decided to post my "list" for the sh*ts and giggles. Who knows if they turn around and say I'm on their list WHO WILL BE LAUGHING THEN?

Ip Man
Charlie Sheen
Peter Serafinowicz
Stefan Sagmeister
Warhol - maybe we'll have quadruplets of different colours
Banksy and give birth to a spray can
G Dragon's Wardrobe
TaeYang's Voice
Jay Park's Voice
Morgan Freeman's voice
Mike Peele's Cant Be Friends Choreo
Doraemon can pull anything out of his pocket for me

Christina Aguilera
Vivienne Westwood
Coco Chanel
Jenna Marbles (ofc)

A mouse to create Mickey Mouse (sorry Walt)
Longcat - let's see how long he really is
3 way with Snog Frozen Yoghurt and a Ice Cream Mochi (or just snog with mochi)
Orgy with Choreo Cookies & Sh!t Kingz, Kaba Modern can watch.
Milk Magazine
Studio Ghibli
A Tic Tac to create minions from despicable me (or maybe a glow stick?)

Things/People I'd adopt (I thought I'd throw this in, it's wrong for them to be on my list)
Agnes from Despicable Me

ok so not much thought has gone into this... but there's a sample of THE list. Feel free to share yours too!

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