Tuesday, 21 February 2012

love is

That's a funny little concept - love.
It's in the media everyday what we see, what we hear, everyone around us, is based around 'love'.

We find ourselves spending a lifetime finding such love and keeping it, hunting for such a perfect love that we see in the movies. But, the thing about it is that as we grow older, the more we realise that we know so little about 'love', all these 'rules' and 'steps' slowly begin to deteriorate and mean nothing. It is only when we learn more about ourselves, and about each other, is when we find this funny thing we call 'love', that you end up defining your own little 'rules' and 'steps' in which begin to make it that something special - which people go on to make more movies, songs and stories about.

They say you should not loose the moon while you're busy counting the stars. So here's to letting go of all the ideals in your head and learning more about yourself, and others.

here's to learning to love

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