Thursday, 2 February 2012


Ok well its only two, but these have run on for a little while now which I picked up as I had to quickly get ready for work... So here it goes!

Powder liner.

Reason being is that the powder on a liner brush gets right into the gaps between the lashes and it only takes a few dabs and it works like a charm! Even more so the powder barely budges during the day. Other benefits of this is that the line will be thinner making your lashes seem longer!

Jill Stuart Mascara

Since being in Hong Kong I've been using my Jill stuart surprisingly more than my Mojolica Majorca purely because it does exactly the same effect but washes off in hot water like a charm!! No more scrubbing!!

Sorry this is a quick post! I'm typing in a rush I hope I've got it all down!

Love k x

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