Friday, 6 April 2012

for him.

I've come across a little brainwave recently that men, in fact, put a darn lot more into things than us women give them credit for.

Ok, I understand that we're the ones who will 'loose' out on the most should anything happen, reproductively therefore would like to be respected and treated better. But where is the line?

Ask yourself ladies, for everything you expect from a guy - would you really do it for him? Would you sit and think out and plan a perfect date for him, really listen and care about the things he talks to you about, monitor his every move and habits. It just seems that a lot of the time us women expect a guy to do all of these things yet unknowingly do nothing at all.

Appreciate him a little more ladies, if he's even putting any effort in at all, make sure it's appreciated, because it's probably that little more effort than you're doing.

k x

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