Thursday, 1 April 2010

when you think about it.. isn't all this all just a bit stalkerish?

Don't you find it weird when somehow or other,
not through word of mouth,
but through one portal or another...

someone seems to know things about you...
that you haven't told to them personally

and it just makes you think..... how much do they know? how often do they check all these various portals? do they specifically follow yours?

and then it all gets kinda... scary... you see I don't tell people about my accounts... well people I don't feel the need to share them with.. if you find me.. kudos :) but when you come across someone who has somehow or other discovered all of them... then asks you casually about issues you've brought up you just get this icy chill down your back, its rather discomforting....

weirdly it's the one who want to get involved with my life too much.... are the ones that I push away the most... you're interested in all... but must you know it all?

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