Sunday, 27 February 2011

brain vomit

Lets begin by defining these term "孝順" haau3seon6 this is what children are called when they are respectful to their elders in terms of helping them out and listening to them. Listening to them.. funny that, by taking orders are you being respectful? Shouldn't the praise be for those who do things out of willingness as opposed to autonomously doing things as they're told.

Which brought me onto the next phrase on parenting "養兒一百歲,長憂九十九" joeng5ji4yat1bak3seoi3,coeng4jau1gau2sap6gau2 when children are cared for by their parents for 100 years and worry about them for 99 years; for kids to take advantage of their parents and the older generation as a whole are just simply disrespectful.

I guess the whole thing that I'm trying to put across is that children now rarely show signs of care and respect for their elders, it's "uncool" to help your parents out or to be seen with them or listen to their ramblings. If you stop being ignorant for a minute listen to them, even cherish that they are even there.

After all, they may buy you that handbag you've ogled for months

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