Tuesday, 21 June 2011

if i asked you would you elope with me?

So recently I learnt that moving somewhere to live wasn't eloping, eloping is to wed someone. As per usual I digress again. So you may or may not me aware that I've moved recently from the capitol to a town/city. Anyway for those looking to visit London, or currently still there here's the things that I will miss from the capitol:

Tinsel Town
First introduced to me by my cousin, which is when I fell in love with their Oreo cookie milk shakes, I don't think you can find anything comparable at 3am! This promptly became a tradition for me an one of my close friend's when they came in to visit
Hi Sushi Salsa
I was initially brought here by my boyfriend at the time, the food is fresh with a choice large choice of sushi (arguably the best affordable quality) as well as sides. A bonus is that they also do a buffet for about £15 a head!
Amazing food, large portions for affordable prices
Cafe East Vietnamese Cuisine
Wasabi Seaweed Unagi
Patisserie Valerie
Candy Cafe
Beard Papa this one's no longer available in the uk
Tower Bridge, Namco Views, Canary Wharf
best places I feel for taking a breath and just relaxing and enjoying the views, imo they're best at sunrise/set and
Epsom Downs, Boxhill
Both situated on high ground with amazing views of the night sky and city lights
Camden Town
in this area of London you'd find some extraordinary boutiques, if you look above the shop line you'd also see how shop windows and decorations span further than the eye level. I love how individual and alternative this area is.
Carnaby Street
home to a more urban version of Camden Town, comprising with more
also known as Brick Lane, home to creatives in london, where you can find little cafe stalls and markets

I've realised it's mainly food

Things/places that you can get elsewhere but not where I am:
Louis Vuitton
Short trips to Brighton/Bournemouth - sun&moon bathing

Places I wish I went:
Portobello Market
Kew Gardens, Richmond Park
The little things

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