Friday, 24 June 2011

Paint brushes

L-R E35,E40,E30
I do apologise with not posting this as soon as I received them however I not only was moving and travelling but I also wanted to use these properly so that I could review these properly. So lets begin with the general points; all of the brushes are synthetic, however for the prove they are amazing quality, bristles are soft and the handle is sturdy. Additionally the fennel is well glued - out of the couple times I'd washed these barely anything has come off them and they retain shape well, with the blending brushes they do need a good a thorough rinse though!

Onto the brushes themselves; the E35 is just the right size for blending around my little eyes, however the E40 is slightly too large, I find; so I've now used the E40 as a highlighter brush instead.

E30's bristles are amazingly sturdy enough to pack in colour right in the Outer V and loose enough to blend out a little, also the perfect shape for smudging and shading on my lower lash line. Since I've got this I don't believe there's been one day that I haven't picked this up to use for one reason or another.

When I ordered these they took about 12 days to ship which I was pretty impressed with, I was expecting it to take about a month or so to the least! The only thing that did worry me was above the package it said I had only ordered one brush worth $11; but fear not they all came intact

To order some for yourself, go to Sigma's Website :)

Have you tried Sigma's brushes? What do you think?
disclaimer: these were brought with my own money prior to being an affilate

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