Saturday, 25 June 2011

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Clean brushes are essential for hygiene and avoiding infections like conjunctivitis like I got once before, you can read about it here. Anyway, it's advised to keep your brushes as clean as possible to not only keep bacteria from spreading and being applied to your eyes, but to keep your make-up products lasting longer. I usually clean mine weekly or fortnightly (slap on the wrist) however I do wipe them with a make-up wipe when I finish using them on a daily basis. Here's my 'step-by-step' guide on how I keep my brushes clean:

I usually clean mine in the handbasin in the bathroom after I've cleaned and disinfected it, you can get a bowl or plate if you wish I just find it more convenient in the basin as well as the fact I don't like mixing food with my beauty products as such. Any who go ahead and wet (with luke warm/cold water heat may affect the glue in the fennel) the bristles of the brush be sure not to get them too wet.

Then squeeze a little brush cleaner (I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo as opposed to olive oil and washing up liquid or any high end brush cleaners, I find it works just as well and it smells great) onto the side of the basin (bowl/plate)

One by one take your brush and dip into the product (you only need a small amount)

Then take you brush in backwards and forward motions (being gental) work up a lather, add a little water and keep lathering, finish with a rinse through until the water runs clear. Once all brushes are done shake out the excess water.

On a spare towel, I've used an old dishcloth before I put it to wash, again brush backwards several times to soak out as much water as you can

Shape the bristles with your fingers , if you have a brush case this may help shape the brushes too

Lay them on the towel to dry, I roll up the side of my towel so that the bristles point down. You shouldn't allow water to get caught up in the fennel as it may affect the glue and bristles may fall out, by having them point in a downward motion water will travel in the direction of gravity away from the fennel.
Just leave them for a few hours to dry and voila! Squeeky clean brushes :)

How do you clean your brushes?

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