Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Well I'm not exactly gonna walk around wrestling elephants

One hour lunch breaks.
They cease to make any sense to me...

It's not long enough to sit down order and consume a decent meal at a restaurant, it's not long enough for you to wander off do a bit of shopping and eat, it's barely even enough to go home cook and come back, run errands like queuing at the bank on top of eating your 'delicious' lunch meal of course, or even to get a power nap when in dire need...

Yet, it's too long for you to get an over the counter meal and shove down your oesophagus, it's too long for you to not have time to do anything else but enough to be sitting around waiting for your lunch break to finish, because come on... you're not going to give up your unpaid time to work for the very people who employed you and gave you this de-meaningful lunch break

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