Monday, 29 March 2010

hello world

this feels... good; imagine stretched out on a sun bed with a iced cocktail in hand with the sun softly glaring down as you bask in his warmth surrounded by soft sand and a hint of a breeze coming from soft strokes of waves brushing in on the shore with nobody around;

Your own perfect paradise.

That's how this feels.
It's always nice to have something of your own; where it's just you... and the keyboard; vent to your hearts content without any pressure to conform to everyday commodities.

I had a xanga once. it got infected
I have a twitter. it's getting infected

which brings me onto blogging and micro blogging. Micro blogging has changed me, this need to create witty strap lines confined to 140 characters without being boring or mundane; blogging almost looses it's meaning; yet with all your energy being pumped into that: you loose the time effort or even passion to express yourself

i digress

Well, after a month of procrastination careful consideration, I've made my way onto blogspot

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