Wednesday, 31 March 2010

It's MY home too.

About to get evicted, shunned from what I used to call home.


I don't even get nice "how are you?" messages anymore... Anytime you contact me is

"Do you still want your shit?"
"Keeping the table or shall I give it away?"
"Want that plant? You left it to die here anyway"
"I rang you but you didn't pick up................ it was about your books... want them?"

It just... hurts... Everytime I get comfortable somewhere begin to fluff my feathers; We move house. I've got nowhere I can truly call home anymore; there aren't enough memories. How can they be so cold to just throw it all away? I left my clothes / things there on purpose, I thought it'll give them a message that even though I'm at uni, I still live there, I still belong there. Now I need to find space to pile the rest of my things; especially with all the deadlines at uni at the moment... How can I handle that AND moving... worse off is they'll be living at my grandparents leaving me with nowhere comfortable...

I just hate it. HATE IT that you don't respect me, or my things, take what you want and leave the rest to rot along side the trash.

Treat me as your own why don't you

"I want us to be friends" Boxing Day 2009 Bullshit.

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