Monday, 29 March 2010

I don't like it short.

It's taken me a month or so; BUT I'M BORED OF SHOT HAIR NOW.

I get a constant dilemma/fear (ok yes I'm self concious) of looking like a boy/lesbian purely because of the cut. With legnth you have more to do! You can crimp, curl, wave, tie, plait, this can go on.. you name it! But with less to work with you got less to do! Plus my semi tomboy wardrobe was built for lengthy hair (ok.. that doesn't make sense) for a girlish head that could use a bit of "boy"... with a boyish cut boy + boy just = man! to counter act it I need a girlier wardrobe but.. fine tuned... I'm talking drabble... you kinda get what I mean


They say a girls hair, is one of her greatest accessories

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