Tuesday, 22 February 2011

His Perks

1. Portable Pillow
Speaks for itself

2. Portable Radiator
Speaks for itself

3. Portable Wardrobe
Situations when you're feeling cold? Steal his jacket.
Situations when you're feet hurt from your crazy heels? Steal his shoes.

4. Carrier
Now you can bring out all those unnecessary things you won't usually for all those 'just in case' situations like:
Bottle of water
Big fat heavy notebook
You get the idea... Your Mary Poppins Handbag, and all that extra shopping

5. Reason to buy more
Oh look, I've put too much lotion on my hand! Rub it off on him!
Almost finished your face wash? Let him use it!
In fact any skincare product, let him help you finish it so you can have a reason to go out and get the next set of skincare

6. Escape Goats
Feeling lazy or want to wear something loose fitting? it's the boyfriends.
Don't want to doll up and go out? Night in with the boyfriend.
Always wanted to play video games? He's making you.
boyfriends pay for everything
nb: not to be taken seriously; inspired by 5 Perks of Having a Girlfriend

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