Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fat Kid Loves Cake

Following mine and a friend's craze of a coffee shop crawl (yes - crawl) in Korea we decided to do one again in London - aside from the typical Starbucks and Costa's, so I decided to take her to my favourite cake shops - Paul's and Valerie's (unfortunately Paul's only had strawberry tarts left when we got there *sadtimes*) So here's the two we managed:
For Tiramisu / Mocha lovers this is a beautiful alternative, touch of chocolate meets coffee center
Sour lemon meets bitter chocolate
The best one it had a sour kick the 'cheese' was soft and fluffy whilst the base was sweet and crunchy yumyumyum
we got a free dick!
my friend modelling his 'piece'
Paul and Valerie should marry and have cake babies;

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