Thursday, 17 February 2011

The skies the limit.

I've been thinking a lot recently about the up rise in beauty blogs, vloggers and so forth and some people hesitant in creating them. People getting comments on others copying one another;

I think to myself so often whether there's a purpose on blogging these things; what is my reason, my motivation, do people really care? But then I get feedback from friends, some even confide in me as if I'm a guru and I know these things yet I'm only human and my knowledge only goes so deep but if I can share my experiences and it can help others than why not?

Self confidence is key

Whether or not you believe people care about what you have to say, you'll be surprised on how much someone does respect it, even if it's a repeat of what someone else has said and done, by you repeating it only supports what they've done / said. Additionally you are just one out of the other seven billion people out there you are individual, and when you say one thing it's not going to be completely identical to someone else's.

So if you ever feel like doing something that someone has 'already' done, you should just go for it you may do 'better' or 'worse' but you're doing it in your own way. It's like owning a piece of clothing someone else has; why can't you buy it? 'Because you know them you can't have the same thing' yet every other stranger earns the right? Wrong. You wont wear the top the same way they do and it wont fit you the same way as it does them.
just why not

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