Tuesday, 17 May 2011

four doesn't always come after three

You're born; you learn to crawl; you learn to eat solids; you learn to walk; you learn to communicate; you learn to run; you go to play school; you go to first/combined school; you take your first exams; you complete your sats; you go to secondary school; you learn a secondary language; (you go college); (you complete a degree); (you complete a masters); you find a job.

With the bracketed options being optional, these are the expected route for 'life' to be honest life is out oyster to do what you want as at the end of the day no matter what you do it keeps going. Many people are at the point in life where they don't know if they should follow the expected route before moving onto the next point in their lives.

Students - take your summer and do what every you wanted in your life, don't waste it away playing games at home or just going shopping as after education you wont see a 'holiday' for longer than 2 weeks again.

Graduates / adults, as long as you know what you will do to provide yourself with a sustainable future why stay at home tumbling through job search website, go experience something you have always wanted to whilst in the process; take evening classes at your college for another language, take up the gym and improve your own fitness, something that would keep yourself occupied and happier.

who said that you live to work?

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