Saturday, 11 December 2010

Santa's dead.

I do apologise for the saddening maybe even mundane title to said blog post. Maybe it's my negative outlook to life as of recent, but has anyone else noticed how the spirit of Christmas is dying?

There's the usual hustle and bustle to bear gifts in the malls, but around me it just doesn't feel like anybody cares too much about Christmas, and no - it's not about the gifts, it's the togetherness Christmas brings. But even when you do look at the gifts they're half assed "vouchers" to shops to go spend yourself in. Presents are for the children, but if you're not even going to buy something as a present for them to open and play with on Christmas day than to a child - you might as well not bother. But even to a full grown adult knowing you couldn't even bother to think of them at this time makes them start to think, how much do you think of them at all?

Which brings me to the second point, the amount of people that I've heard their parents ask them: "Are you coming home? Don't worry if you're not." Sorry? Don't worry? It's not like people come home often, and who or where else are they going to spend Christmas with when at this time of year it's to be spent with loved ones? Furthermore, if you didn't mind if they were there or not this celebratory season does that mean you don't consider them a loved one?

Call me traditional, but I guess yes when I was young I loved the presents and food, but now I just long for it to be like it used to be, when we all came together had a meal, the parents shared their banter, the kids ran around. How are you spending Christmas?

Have a Merry one guys x

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