Friday, 24 December 2010

What is christmas?

Traditionally, it's the celebration of God's son's (before you close this screen no it's not a bible lecture) birthday.
Today, arguably this holiday is exclusive to those who believe in Christianity, but it's become a holiday to which a majority of people celebrate.
As a child, Christmas was about gifts, presents, and people are lead to 'think' that 'christmas spirit' is about giving. Especially with the whole story of the Christmas Carol, but is it really?
This 'need' to give causes headaches, dents in wallets, grief, and hectic christmas shopping sprees, rush hours. All in the name of 'giving'?
'Giving' is sharing your love, care, and appreciation to someone. When people say the 'spirit' of Christmas is about 'giving' I say they're not only wrong, but they're also shallow, greedy, and materialistic.
Christmas is about togetherness
Have a merry one x

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