Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Brain Fart

You may/may not be aware of my immense superstition towards the supernatural; this topic, in my eyes, are just like my view on religion - I don't dare to say that they aren't true, yet I'm still curious. Any who for those who believe, don't believe here's something to think about...

We all know, the most well known 'role' for a ghost, is to scare/terrorise someone/people. Well, what if the ghost in question was a complete noob (most likely me as a future unexplained essence) and was trying to scare someone by spontaneously appearing when you open the door/look out the window. So ghost in question prepares, stands there, puts on a scary face preparing for you to look out the window/open the door/walk around the corner....... and you don't


Or! What if you just leave a room and said ghost thinks "PERFECT! Time to prepare!" and begins to find a hiding spot ready to scare the living daylights out of you, when suddenly you remember you forgot something and return sooner than predicted and spot the ghost still attempting to hide

OH SH-! ... I mean... BOO!
Enjoy the sun guys!

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