Thursday, 14 April 2011

Preparing for war

Hopefully this year I'll finally be ahead and prepared for hayfever; every other year I always feel like I'm being hit by this new plague that I've never experienced before, making me ask myself:

-I know there are worse forms of illnesses out there excuse my naivety

Any who, I'm not a fan of taking medicine for prolonged periods of time especially when I can 'fight' it, Benadryl is my backup for 'important' dates (presentations, meetings, large social gatherings - basically any situation where sniffling and blowing my nose every five seconds will become of a nuisance). I digress, there are two reasons to which I don't like taking medication on a daily basis, which are:
a) I don't want to become reliant on the medication, my body's defences no longer 'fights' for itself
b) I don't want to become immune to the medication, where your body is so adjusted to the medication that it no longer has any effect on you

My little bible for hayfever is as follows, it doesn't cure the allergy but it does help dampen it:

POCKET TISSUES - I cannot stress these enough! If you don't you're just going to have to wipe your snotty nose / gooey eyes on your sleeve.. or someone else's!
Sunglasses - limits the amount of pollen getting to your eyes
Eyedrops - contrary to hayfever eyedrops, I've found Optrex REFRESHING Eyedrops work wonders to my itchy eyes - again DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN YOU NEED TO
Close windows at night (at least for your room) - the sun rises before we do in the day which, funny enough, is when the flowers open and begin spreading pollen which will reach your eyes while you're still sleeping.
Wash your hair nightly (girls especially) - when you're out during the day pollen may cling to your hair; so when returning home it will come home with you, to reduce the amount of pollen around you I suggest that you wash your hair at night / when you get in to get it away
Pets (furry ones especially) - this may sound cruel, I'm an animal lover myself, but those with pets it's best staying away from them too
Clean your sheets regularly - this will reduce the amount of pollen building up as you sleep / during the day
Keep the clothes you wear in the day quarantined - pollen will be attached to your clothing you've worn, by bringing them in and around the house you're spreading the cause of your allergy around with you making your own home a discomfort to yourself
Pressure Points (start arch and tip of your brows) - Massaging your eyes helps you refresh you're eyes, do this in the morning, evenings with a warm flannel over your eyes and whenever necessary

This is all I can think of for the time being, otherwise you can do my usual trick and escape the country for a few months until the pollen count dies down, and get a relaxing holiday while you're at it! Unfortunately I don't have the luxury and have to fight this war. Enjoy your spring!

to those allergic to tree/grass pollen - I AM SO ENVIOUS OF YOU.
that, and those who dont even have hayfever

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