Monday, 3 January 2011

Birds don't have lips

But if they did I'm sure they'll use these!
Lemon Drop with SPF 15.
I haven't yet noticed anything with the SPF factor for improvements but as you can tell I've barely used this, the smell is amazing - I almost want to eat it, but I do find this a little greasy, and every time I've used this I've found my lips to crack afterwards, which has put me off touching this.
Summer Fruit
This one, hasn't got that great or a smell as the Lemon Drop nor does it make you want to eat it, but application is smoother and less greasy, good for use before applying makeup or on it's own. Comparable to the Lemon Drop this hasn't caused any lip problems for me but arguably the results are just as good as vaseline just without the addiction! This little one in it's not so glamourously used form has landed itself by my side all day everyday x

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