Monday, 3 January 2011

Eye Candy

??? In Blue
Brought in Korea

??? In Grey
Brought in Korea
Shamefully I don't remember the brand or style, however I love these as they're subtle so they will match most makeup looks and will suit both formal and casual outlooks.

GEO Angel in Brown
Brought in Korea
Initially I'd brought these in Hong Kong 100HKD and I'd loved them so much I went out to get another pair in Korea 20,000WON surprisingly to me it was more expensive, but I liked them enough to buy them again.

Puffy 3 Tone in Pink? - supposed to be pink it looks brown

Puffy 3 Tone in Green

Princess Nudy in Hazel
This style looks real similar to the GEO ANGELS.... hm.. we'll see

Kira Kira in Grey

When I get round to trying them I'll give proper reviews, I don't want to open them all as yet as it'll waste them but when I get round to getting them in I'll upload images

Note : Be sure to check the expected lifetime of the contacts, do not expect them to all last this period, once they feel uncomfortable or even if they've started to rip BIN THEM IMMEDIATELY.
Disclaimer, your eyes are not to be played with, if you want to wear contacts make sure you deal with them hygienically and safely both before, during, and after wear. You eyes may become dry, tired, infected, it can even cause blindness when not cared for properly.

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