Sunday, 30 January 2011


My second Elf Haul....lets begin!
This came free (I think it's because it was delivered late due to the snowy weather - it took about a month compared to their usual day or two shipping time) ... I can't really find it on the site
Here's the swatches:
The colours are nice, neutral enough for everyday make-up, the shadow itself is really pigmented and easy to apply but beware of some fallout!

I think this is the normal range liquid eyeliner (this is why I should post when I get things!)
This I don't recommend, it's liquid alright! enough to not even stay and dry, it smudges easily and the colour doesn't come out so well as well as stripping off the eye shadow you've already applied. Originally I got this because I was a little tired of gel liner and thought I'd crack out liquid liner again to give a POW to my liner (gel liner's softer) back to the drug store!

Studio : Small Smudge Brush
My feelings about this one is soso; reason being is I'd hoped for more of a small stiff dome brush but this one is soft as! More like a mini soft blending brush, I guess I bagged me another eye liner brush!

Mineral : 4 Piece Bamboo Brush Set
First impressions: OMG THIS IS TINY (good and bad) - I'll go into detail later... sorry the brushes are a tad dirty, I hadn't gotten round to cleaning them yet but into the brushes themselves:
Beautifully soft bristles and does the job smoothly sometimes it blends a little too much but whos complaining?
Too small!! It's adorable, but the handles too small with the bristles that soft it does less buffing more sweeping
Complexion Brush
Gorgeously smooth, picks up enough powder (I use this with complexion perfection), the nice thing about this is that it nicely applies the powder as well as blending it out so you won't get too cakey
Concealer Brush
I apply my concealer with my ring finger so... I haven't actually used this yet / found a need for it!
Mod Mauve Nail Polish
Haven't gotten round to wearing this either but I'm having second thoughts about it already now that it's spring and I'm going out with the dull and rocking colourful nails!

go me for actually reviewing things! I told you I'd spoil you when I get the time!

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